Courage House

Courage Houses are long-term, trauma-informed, residential rehabilitation programs for minor female victims of sex trafficking. In 2011, Courage House Moshi opened in the Kilimanjaro region to 10 girls and 2 babies. As of October 2022, 50 girls and 20 of their children call Courage House and Courage House Too home! Throughout the life of Courage House Moshi, 62 trafficking survivors, along with their children, have joined the Courage Worldwide family and embarked on their journey of healing and freedom. 

Courage House Too

Courage House Too is a transitional program for former residents of Courage House, ages 18+. This program allows them to gain leadership and vocational training such as sewing, jewelry making, and culinary skills. Residents also develop their English and computer skills, and continue their trauma-informed counseling. Courage House Too exists to help make the transition to independence, healthy relationships, and choices a much easier task.  These young women leave with a solid foundation while continuing to pursue the goals in their Unique Life Plan. Courage Worldwide’s staff support these girls through their college/university education or vocational training program so they can follow their dreams, and ensure they won’t be trapped in the life of sexual exploitation ever again. At Courage House Too, there are future lawyers, social workers, journalists, tailors, business women, hospitality workers, hair stylists, and teachers.  

Our Work in Tanzania


Through our “Not In My Country” anti-trafficking awareness campaigns and multi-sector educational trainings, we seek to prevent trafficking and increase awareness of this violent crime against the most vulnerable. Hundreds of individuals have attended Courage Worldwide trainings in Tanzania for women, pastors and church leadership, and youth/students. We are expanding our training to include health care professionals, law enforcement, the tourism industry, and other government and community leaders. If you are interested in booking an educational training or anti-trafficking awareness event in Tanzania, email  info@courageworldwide.org.


We support any Courage House girl in the prosecution of their traffickers. We relentlessly pursue justice so each girl can be free to follow their dreams. In partnership with a local NGO, Inherit Your Rights, our girls and staff are empowered and informed of their rights in Tanzania, especially the rights of women and children. 


Almost every young victim who comes home to Courage House comments on how they feel safe for the first time in their young lives. Our entire program is designed to protect and restore young survivors of sex trafficking. Courage House is a home and a family; a safe place for the girls to begin the healing process. We do this through a compassionate, well-trained staff; education; trauma-informed counseling; medical care; around-the-clock care; fun activities such as music and sports; spiritual guidance; and continual support until they are ready to stand on their own. We believe in them until they can believe in themselves.


Our community partnerships are incredibly valuable. We work directly with:

  • The Tanzanian government (Ministry of Social Welfare; Ministry of Community Development; Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner; the police department and its Gender and Children’s Desk; the Anti-Trafficking Secretariat).
  • International NGOs (including World Vision, Tanzania Relief Initiatives, and the TANANUT network).
  • Churches (including the ELCT Northern Diocese).
  • Intergovernmental Organizations (including the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces organized by the British High Commission).

Education at Courage House Tanzania

At Courage House Moshi, private primary and secondary schooling is offered to residents at C2BU School and preschool is offered to the children of both girls and staff.

C2BU School

A crucial component of Courage House’s program is education. Being a student gives the residents confidence. It opens up doors for them to follow their dreams for the future. The need for this tailored education, however, goes much deeper. The residents in Tanzania face severe and intense challenges resulting from the trauma they have experienced. Trauma makes learning difficult and traditional classroom environments are not the most appropriate for their needs. Many of the residents were not in school or extremely behind in their studies, so they need specialized education. It is common for girls to come to us pregnant—at C2BU School, they are able to continue their education throughout the pregnancy alongside navigating motherhood. 

Because of this specially-designed educational program, the residents are prepared to go into vocational training, college, or university to pursue their Unique Life Plan and follow the career of their choice. 


Courage House Moshi’s preschool program was created as more and more pregnant residents arrived. The Courage House program changes the lives of generations: not only are the lives of the residents transformed, but their children too. The preschoolers are already being set up for success by learning English, Swahili, reading, and math and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Learn More About Our Programs

Not In My Country Campaign

While individual organizations, organic partnerships, and anecdotal stories of restoration have been the defaulted framework for fighting human trafficking in the past, a more organized effort, diverse partners, and a strategic plan are all needed in order to stop this crime and serve its vulnerable victims. No one organization, nor the government alone, can eradicate this crime and care for the victims. True partnership and collaboration is required. Courage Worldwide is honored and more than willing to be a part of a nationwide effort, collaboration, and campaign adding our voices to the cry–“Not in My Country.”

Courage Worldwide’s Not in My Country (Swahili: Sio Katika Nchi Yangu) campaign was created as a comprehensive program relevant for any sector of the community to become informed and equipped to identify, condemn, and challenge the evils of human trafficking permeating society. 

If you would like to learn more about how to bring this campaign to your community in Tanzania or in the East African region, contact info@courageworldwide.org

Courage Products

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At Courage House, we are committed to supporting residents through their college/university education or vocational training program so they can follow their dreams and ensure they won’t be trapped in the life of sexual exploitation ever again.

At one point, Courage Worldwide had 10 Courage House residents ready and qualified to attend college, a university, or receive vocational training, but we had limited funds for tuition. We wanted to equip, encourage, and empower these residents in realizing their dreams. The residents brainstormed ways to raise money for the education and decided to create handmade products to sell to small volunteer teams visiting Tanzania. These products were immediately a hit!

This small project has since evolved into a comprehensive transitional program called Courage Leadership Academy (CLA). Our Courage House graduates join this program and, based on their Unique Life Plan, are equipped with vocational skills such as sewing, culinary, and jewelry making. Life skills are also a part of the leadership academy experience; skills such as English, computers, and leadership are taught to each resident. The goal of this transitional program is to give each resident the tools and skills they need to thrive as they transition to independent, adult lives. 

The residents are proud of their newfound skills and are so grateful for the love you have shown through your purchases! Within CLA, residents are studying law, social work, communications and computers, hotel management, salon work, tailoring, and education. Because of your support, these incredible young women are able to turn their dreams into reality.

Hear from one of the members of Courage Leadership Academy, how Courage House has changed her life and her hope for what is in store for her future.

Future Plans

Prototype and Replicate: 

The vision of Courage is to have Courage Houses anywhere in the world where they are needed. Victims around the world are in need of our program, in need of a safe home and family. Our restorative program is meant to be replicated in the United States and around the world. 

We have operated two residential homes in Northern California: one for minors and the other for residents over 18 years old. Due to a change in California state licensing, minors who are trafficked are now placed in individual homes and families as opposed to group care. Courage Worldwide is working with various states throughout the country to bring a Courage House where needed and where group care is still licensed.

Currently, Courage Worldwide is working with the state of Nevada to pursue not only opening a Courage House in the state for victims within and surrounding the area, but also a trauma assessment center for immediate placement for minor victims when they are recovered.

Right now, we have a Courage House in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Plans are in the works to pursue opening a Courage House in one of the largest cities in Tanzania: Dar es Salaam. With Dar being such a large city, it has also become a hub for trafficking. Courage Worldwide intends to open a second Courage House in Dar es Salaam by 2024.