Courage House


Courage House is a long-term therapeutic residential home for minor female victims of sex trafficking. It is a place of restoration.

Res•to•ra•tion –
Returning to the Original Intent

The physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual repercussions caused by the trauma of sexual exploitation and commercial trafficking are extreme, devastating, and, without proper intervention, lasting. The process is long, difficult, and takes a great deal of courage to embark upon.

At Courage House, a family environment is created in a group setting to facilitate healing.

Courage House is not just a structure or building, a program or approach; it is a place where hope is given, healing is offered, and lives are restored. It is a community of girls and young women who not only share a similar past, but now share the common purpose of finding their true identity and fulfilling their destiny while embarking on a journey of healing.

Here they find the courage to confront the chaos of their past and pain.

Courage House offers a comprehensive, holistic approach, encompassing each resident’s own unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Each campus is a safe house—a community where the girls learn to be a family and how to have and participate in healthy relationships.

Michelle, Jenny Williamson & Stephanie Midthun

Courage House demonstrates innocence can be restored in the slow and steady process of healing. I thank God for them–they saved my daughter’s life.”

—Michele (a mom whose daughter called Courage House home)