Where Did They Go?

Where Did They Go?
July 18, 2009 admin

The little girl or the little boy you once were? I bet he or she was full of dreams and knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. I am sure they expected life to turn out exactly as imagined … until, someone or something changed it all. Heart ache, abuse, disappointments, routines, responsibilities, and regrets. All different for each of us, but all designed to rob us of our identity and destiny.

There is nothing sadder and nothing further from God’s plan. “Before I shaped you in the womb I knew you, before you ever saw the light of day I had plans for you”. There is a plan, a divine plan for every life, for your life. Your dreams and the longings of your heart were to serve as a road map for the journey. But some of us had those dreams destroyed while others of us traded them in for practical, safe lives believing we would avoid heartache, pain and disappointment. We were wrong. They came anyway.

Our carefully created comfort zones and silent vows of mediocrity didn’t keep us safe and secure. In fact, our feeble attempts to kill off our dreams and desire only increased our longings for “more”. Inevitably, the longings became questions. “Does my life matter?”Or the true cry of our heart, “Do I matter?” Though we crave answers to these powerful questions, often we resist the search because of our busy lives and its urgent demands. So by default, we choose to continue living as we always have, with no purpose or passion.

It doesn’t have to be that way! ! The questions aren’t random! The questions were designed by God, our creator, so we would seek Him, the author of our questions. When we begin to seek God, the amazing happens. Not only do we find Him, but we find ourselves. We find our purpose. He then patiently fans the flame of our long ignored longing and turns them into an inferno of desire to be and do all we were created to. Courage now propels us to examine those long buried and forgotten childhood dreams. As we look at them through the eyes of the adult we have become, we now see they are the clues to our unique destiny. Slowly, as if putting together pieces of a puzzle, we discover the life changing truth that we were “created just for a purpose” Suddenly, we become pregnant with possibilities and passionate to be who God created us to be.

But How? The Bible explains. “Make a careful explorationof whoyou are, what you are to be doing and just do it.”

That is a Courage Conference! A time and a place intentionally set aside to discover who you are, how you were created, what is your purpose, what makes your heart race, your soul sing and your feet dance! You’ll be challenged and encouraged just to “be” you, the you God created, nothing more but absolutely refusing to be anything less by others on the same journey. We need others not only to give us courage but to help us silence the voices inside our heads telling us that we are too old, too young, too busy, too tired, too ordinary, too sick, or too poor to discover and fulfill our God given destinies.

Contact us at info@c2bu.org to bring a Courage Conference to your area.