What is my purpose? What is my identity?

What is my purpose? What is my identity?
January 24, 2012 admin

As I attended a Courage Conference a few years ago, the question of my identify didn’t come up much.  I never really thought about my identity.  I used to think more of my past, my mistakes, and because of my choices, I could never have the life that I had always dreamed of.   Not that my life wasn’t good; God had blessed me more than I ever deserved. He had given me many desires of my heart.  However, my little girl dreams where just that – dreams. Dreams that because of some of my poor choices, never could be realized. I had accepted that.

I am so thankful that my heavenly Father did not!

During the Courage Conference, I began to realize that I was created on purpose for a purpose.  I was worthy to be loved. I was worthy to be healed and I was worthy to live out my God-given identity.  I was the daughter of the King!  My heavenly father LOVES me.  He wanted me to experience how much He loved me. How he wanted my heart to find healing and for me to experience my little girl dreams…

Soon after the conference, I started Jenny’s Uniqueness Assessment.  This assessment gave me tools to begin to uncover my God-given identity.   I realized more than ever that sitting at His feet is where I would find the answers.  It’s so precious to be a daughter of the King.  He will provide opportunities for us to grow, learn and heal.  We must seek Him.

One last thing that happened that was critical to my moving forward in my destiny was some healing that I had to experience.   God led me to an amazing study that allowed me to remove some layers of pain that had prevented me from feeling worthy to truly experience His great love.

Well, that was over two years ago that I attended the Courage Conference, took the Uniqueness Assessment and experienced a new level of healing.   At that time I was praying for God to direct me to where I was supposed to serve.   I happened to be helping out one night at a C2BU event and I had this overwhelming feeling (a Holy Spirit moment) that something was about to happen… God was about to involve me in something bigger than myself.  He knew that I was ready for what He had before me.   An opportunity to live on purpose for a purpose!!

Two years ago this month, I began my role at C2BU.

I am now seeing all of my little girl dreams coming true.  As we start believing God and realize how much He loves us, we can then start to see the identity that he has bestowed on us. The lies fade away and the Truth shines forth.

-a volunteer at Courage to Be You, Inc.