Courage Worldwide is committed to educating communities around the world as to the nature, effects and impact of this crime against children. Over 50,000 people have attended a Courage Worldwide awareness or training event.

Attendees have included members of Congress, state lawmakers, foreign government leaders, educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers, health care and social workers, church leaders, and juvenile justice personnel.

Over 1500 individuals have completed an extensive three day, twenty-four hour Courage Worldwide trauma focused training curriculum. This Certified Training is held three to four times a year throughout the United States. Courses are taught by recognized experts in the field of child sex trafficking and complex trauma, they include local and national mental health professionals, law enforcement experts, faith based leaders, and direct services providers who have extensive knowledge – but more importantly – years of experience in serving and working with this population. In addition to the experts, survivors speak of their own experiences and unique journey of healing.

Anyone wanting to work or volunteer at any Courage House must complete this certified training.

Courage Worldwide also customizes training events for organizations as well as presents on their work with victims as well as outcomes documented at Courage House. To book a speaker for your next event or to inquire with regard to a customized training you can email or complete the following Training request form: Link to Training Request form

Courage Worldwide’s 3 Day Certified Training is a rigorous and intensive three day event broken down into eight hour sessions for law enforcement, law makers, health & human services as well as mental health professionals, individuals, the faith based community and organizations who desire an in-depth look into the crime of child sex trafficking, its impact upon the community, its victims, their complex trauma and subsequent unique needs for restoration and rehabilitation. The courses can be taken individually but it is recommended to attend them consecutively.

Not in My Prison/Not in My Life is a first-of-its-kind U.S. program initiated by in-mates at the Susanville, California prison to teach inmates about the issue of human trafficking and its impact on young victims. As one inmate stated in a letter to our Founder/CEO, Jenny Williamson, “as lifers we want to prepare individuals re-entering society on how to combat human trafficking, as well as protect their families and communities from this evil. We lifers want to teach the young inmates returning to society that this is NOT okay and it is wrong to sell children”. One of our Courage Ambassadors, Dawn Hershberger, facilitated this program through her job as a Susanville Prison Correction Officer. Dawn’s work in making her community aware of this evil against children has earned her numerous awards. Not only did Dawn facilitate this program at the prison, she started a Triathlon in her community to raise funds and awareness for our efforts to serve those who have been impacted by this crime. We call Dawn a water walker, giant slayer and history maker! On Thursday, April 27th, we had the opportunity to train the leaders and members of the Not in My Prison/ Not In My Life group within the prison, teaching them about this particular crime of human trafficking, as well as what young victims endure at the hands of a trafficker. The prisoners were extremely moved and have vowed to get the Not in My Life / No in My Prison program into every prison in California. One inmate stated “I have selfish reasons for doing this – I have never made my family proud; I am hoping my involvement with this group and the movement to end trafficking will make them proud of me.” Not in My Prison/Not in My Life is a program under the Courage Worldwide umbrella. We will continue to provide training and support for these groups as they expand. Click here to register for the Courage Triathlon.

Upcoming Trainings

Course Descriptions

Training Course 101: A Foundational Look at Sex Trafficking

Course Description

Course 101 will discuss the ways trafficking, specifically sex trafficking of our children, has rapidly grown in our society and nation. It will examine the systematic nature of sex trafficking, the criminal mindset and grooming of victims. The course unravels foundational belief systems that have allowed sex trafficking to not only happen in our own backyard and around the world, but to become extremely prevalent and growing in our culture.

Topics will include: the sexualization of America’s children, the part the internet, pornography and social media plays in this crime, poverty mindsets, and the normalization of sexual crimes. These foundational teachings will set the stage for the next two days of training where the growing issue of domestic child sex trafficking and its impact on our children and communities is reviewed at a macro and micro level. This session ends providing tangible ways each individual can be an active part of the solution in their community and in this world.

Training Course 201: A Macro-Level Understanding of the Crime called Sex Trafficking and a Micro View of the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Impact on its Victims

Course Description
Prerequisite: Training 101

Course 201 begins with an overview of current U.S. Federal policies and laws, identifying gaps and where the U.S. is trending and progressing state to state with regard to victim prevention, protection and prosecution. We will also look at how juvenile justice and child welfare (dependency courts) are structured and how minor victims of sex trafficking are classified under these two systems. There will be a discussion of the systematic gaps and how these provide challenges for victims needing services after rescue.

Additionally, during this second day of training, there will be an in depth session with regard to the complex trauma victims experience, the symptoms they experience, the impact on their brain and behavior, as well as the emotional and physiological effects of this trauma. Common diagnosis to this population such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Disassociation (DID), Fractures and Alters will be examined as well as the difficulties and challenges this population experiences in learning and mainstreaming back into the community. In addition, the topics of trauma bonding, the criminal mindset as well as the intensive, long term therapeutic process victims of this crime require will be subjects that are addressed during this course.

Also discussed during this day of training, are effective as well as ineffective therapeutic modalities and delivery systems.

Training Course 301: Guidelines for Working Directly with Victims of Sex Trafficking

Course Description
Prerequisite: Training 101 and 201

Course 301 details common scenarios in serving and working with this vulnerable, highly traumatized population. Topics addressed include but are not limited to communicating with and interviewing this population, establishing healthy boundaries and setting appropriate expectations and outcomes with this population. There will also be a discussion of defining and documenting success with this population as well as a testimony by a survivor.

This course includes time dedicated to recommended self-care for those serving and working with this population and what is known as secondary trauma. Day three concludes with a menu of breakout sessions that attendees are able to choose from that are specific to their interest and/or profession. These breakouts are customized for specific regions and topics can be requested by the host that are not covered in the course descriptions above. The breakouts can range from and/or be specific to law enforcement, volunteers, policy, mental health and/or faith based topics with regard to the prevention, protection or prosecution of the crime called sex trafficking and its victims.

For individuals desiring to work directly with residents who live at Courage House – whether as staff or a volunteer – all three sessions must be completed, as well as a background check before an interview will be scheduled.


“I could not have been more impressed by the quality and professionalism of the Courage Worldwide Certified Training. The presentation provided on victim issues was as highly effective as it was apparent that this organization and their staff are providing state of the art quality services meeting an incredibly vital need for victims of this horrific crime. This is by far the most effective presentation on victim services I have experienced in 5 years of training on this subject.”
Gerard Bergeron, Retired Supervising Probation Officer

“Courage Worldwide’s volunteer training is a must for anyone interested in working to combat sex trafficking in any capacity. The training is comprehensive, covering the various causes and effects of the sex trade industry on vulnerable children. The speakers provide an insightful and unforgettable look at what our culture’s commodification of children does to victims. The training will leave you prepared and passionate – to make a positive different to help those who have been exploited and abused.”
Alexandra Snyder, Professor at Trinity Law School and Former Legislative Counsel to a Member of Congress

“This training has done the best to educate people from all facets: L.E. [law enforcement], courts, probation, CPS, and Courage [volunteers] to give a lens of the issues and struggles [in the issue of sex-trafficking]. Best of all, [it] offers hope and a solution to the problem.”
Kristyn Fresz, Certified Training Attendee