Thank you for being a champion for Courage House!

Thank you for being a champion for Courage House!
May 6, 2020 cwweditor

Pictured: Pastor Nathan Hoff with his wife Joy

We are so excited to report that $17,000 has been raised of our $25,000 “Giving Tuesday Now “goal. That’s 68% of our goal and we are almost there!

There is still time to give. We will announce final numbers and have something heartwarming to share with you on Friday!

We wanted to share this emotional reflection by Pastor Nathan when he heard about our newly rescued girls coming home this week.

How was your day “stuck” at home?
These two girls came home to Courage House today. 9 and 13 years old.
9 and 13. Think. Weep.
No longer slaves.
No longer commodities to be bought and used.
They are not belongings.
They belong.
Welcome home girls!
Wait until you get to know the Father of this house—He is good.
He didn’t pay for you with silver, gold, or shillings. You are worth much more than that.
He sent his Son to pay a life-blood price. How precious you are in his sight.
That you might be his own.


Thank you for giving so lives can continue to be changed!