Become A Courage Champion

Become A Courage Champion

Cham•pi•on – a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else

We invite you to become a Courage Champion today and use your gifts and passion to help children who have been victims of sex trafficking.

For years our Founder & CEO has been saying “do what you love to do for our kids”. You can become a Courage Champion today, using your voice, gifts and passion to bring more children home to Courage House by creating your own event to raise funds for Courage House.

We have had individuals from ages eleven to seventy, from Michigan to Mississippi and the Carolinas to California create their own fundraising events, in their own way, with their own style to help Courage Worldwide rescue and restore more children. We have had individuals put on Spaghetti Dinners, Fun Runs, A Triathlon, Birthday Parties, Concerts, Online Craft Sales, Car Shows, Zumba Classes, Boot Camps, Art Shows, Jewelry Making and more to raise funds to help rescue and restore more children.

You can also create an online event where donations go directly to Courage Worldwide, simply click this link and create your own personal fundraiser account. Title your fundraiser, and complete the fields. It’s fast, simple, and you can share your fundraiser on social media sites and in email to invite your friends and family.

If you need brochures, giving cards or an informational video for your event, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to help. Note: If you want to use our logo or videos for your event, please email us at to obtain written permission. There can be no changes made to any of Courage Worldwide logo’s and/or copyrighted materials. If you need a speaker for your event, click here to complete a speaker request form.


Courage Champion and Recording Artist Phillip LaRue recorded a song for the Courage Worldwide “Come Back Home” CD project. Purchase on iTunes.

Meet a few of our Courage Champions

Sovereign Sandals
A childhood dream of Founder, Nick Elcock was to make high quality sandals and help others. They just launched and are partnering with us- giving profits and their goal is to eventually employ our girls!

Soroptomist in Roseville
We are wowed by this group of women who so far have given $12,000 to Courage Worldwide and have decided to give funds to us exclusively for the next 4 years!

Correctional Officer, Dawn Hershberger.
She has been on fire to help by launching a fun run in her community of Susanville and she is also helping to get prisons and fellow correctional offers to endorse and give to Courage Worldwide. There has been an incredible response and we were honored to speak to over 1000 Correctional Officers at the CCPOA Convention in Las Vegas.

One Heart Challenge.
Joslin’s Martial Arts in Roseville, CA hosts an annual karate tournament to demonstrate a combined heart and compassion by giving 100% of all entry fees to Courage Worldwide.

Crafters for Courage
– @craftersforcourage
A couple of young moms who wanted to make a difference launched online auctions of craft items sold on Instagram and have raised nearly $23,000 to date!

Massage for Hope
Massage for Hope on Facebook
Licensed massage therapists who want to take back their industry that is often associated with trafficking, now fight back and raise funds for Courage House! They are launching annual events where they donate massages and give to Courage House.

13 year old Abby
She shocked her parents by saying for her birthday the only gift she wanted was for people to give to Courage House. Abby raised over $1000 on her birthday! Wow!

WIN (Roseville Women in Networking)
This group of professionals launched this year in Roseville and has chosen Courage Worldwide to be their charity they give to!

2nd Annual Spaghetti Feed
“Hello, my name is Sydney and I am a junior high student from the town of Loomis. I would like to invite your family to join me, along with the Mayor of Loomis, to attend the Courage Worldwide 2nd Annual Spaghetti Feed at the Blue Goose in my home town. This event benefits Courage House, a home for girls rescued from sex trafficking. I am committed to being a voice for girls my age who do not have one.

Courts for Courage
Abigail, a local elementary school student, is using her love for tennis to raise funds for girls at Courage House. She is committed to saving girls who have been hurt and abused.

Yoga 4 Courage
Yoga studio owners from around the community are working together to fight the issue of sex trafficking.

Jenny Williamson with Nick Elcock

Jenny Williamson with Sovereign Sandals Founder Nick Elcock


Correctional Officer, Dawn Hershberger.

Crafters Totals

Total Donations to date raised by Crafters for Courage.