Spring at Courage House NorCal

Spring at Courage House NorCal
May 15, 2013 admin

Spring is upon Courage House! As nature wakes up and reminds us of its beauty, our girls are taking notice. Every day, we have newness here. Every day, we have beauty. Every day, we have hope emerging from the ashes and trauma that the girls at Courage House have experienced.

Every girl who comes home to Courage House is unique. Each of their hopes, dreams, and talents are unique. But their quest and search for what is beautiful to them is a common theme here. To build a sense of community and teamwork, the girls recently spent a day weeding, planting, and watering the new flowers that now line the back part of Courage House. They took so much pride and joy in doing this for themselves, and for their home. Watching this scene unfold was something miraculous because we suddenly had girls who wanted to play in the dirt, chase someone with a worm, or simply rest in the sunshine.

Throughout the afternoon, the girls worked diligently to create something beautiful, to create something they had ownership over, and to choose to believe in beauty again.
Our girls are choosing beauty. Our girls are choosing life. Our girls are choosing to live, and that is the most beautiful sight of all.

Thank you for all you do to make this beauty possible, and for your continued help, support, and prayers!

From all of us at Courage Worldwide