Spiritual Service

Spiritual Service
June 4, 2011 admin

I met Jenny Williamson, Founder of Courage to Be You, Inc., after her prayer at the National Day of Prayer, May 2009, on behalf of victims of sex trafficking. On Friday of that same week, I attended a Courage Conference at my home church and discovered that Jenny was the event host and presenter. I was excited to hear her vision of equipping, encouraging and empowering individuals to discover their identity, destiny and purpose in life, as God had given me a similar vision, but I did not know the population of young women He would have me serve.

A few weeks after the Courage Conference, Jenny presented her newly developed eight-week bible study called the Uniqueness Assessment, which I attended. As each week progressed, I felt a strong desire to speak to her and encourage her in what God had called her to do–awakening women and men to their identity, destiny and purpose in God, which I did. After the eight week bible study, Jenny said to me her famous words, “I feel like we need to have coffee!” She also asked me to serve as Intercessor for the organization. Within a few weeks, we met for dinner and she asked me to travel to Carmel for a Courage Conference as the intercessor to pray for the conference and individuals at the end of each gathering.

I quickly learned that when Jenny offered a coffee or a dinner date, it meant she would be presenting me with a new challenging task (like any good life coach would do, right?). We joined our faith together, along with so many others, to pray and see the hand of God work miracle after miracle and to see the vision God gave Jenny of Courage House-Nor Cal being established as a home for minor girls recovered from sex trafficking.

On April 29, 2010 at 6:49 p.m., I received an email from Jenny that stated, “Hello my friend. You were officially confirmed by C2BU’s Board of Directors as an addition to our group.” What an amazing journey the last two years has been! I would describe serving on the board as stated in Psalms 133 – Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! . . . . . . For there the LORD commanded the blessing . . . . I am privileged to serve this international organization that is affecting not only one individual at a time, but also generations to come that will be world-changers and history makers!

Michele Bryant
Spiritual Director
Courage to Be You, Inc.