Dr. Jonathan Fung

Jonathan Fung

Dr. Jonathan Fung teaches film production and film theory classes at Santa Clara University. He is a prolific filmmaker and visual artist. He collaborated with Nam June Paik, “the father of video art,” for Modulation in Sync at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. He was a participant at Doek, where his film Een Nauwe Poort (A Narrow Gate) was screened outside the canals of Amsterdam on 17th century ship sails. His work was also exhibited at the Venice Biennale in the Snow Show exhibition. Dr. Fung’s disconcerting video installation on anthropophagi I Eat, Therefore I Am was exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art. He conceived Down the Rabbit Hole, a video installation exhibited in the Tenderloin District in San Francisco that exposed the darkness of human trafficking and left the viewer with a call to action. His most recent narrative film project, Hark is spreading awareness and raising social consciousness about the sex trade industry.  The film is being used in schools, churches, and community groups as a catalyst to spread awareness and initiate dialogue. Hark was recently screened at the Freedom Summit and is an official selection and will be screened at the Cinequest Film Festival at the end of February. He is a member of the Stop Trafficking Network, Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition, and is a partner with Not For Sale. As a pastor, Dr. Fung is committed to eradicating human trafficking and bringing hope and positive change through faith, arts and justice.

Hark is about a man who is confronted with a moral dilemma to save his own life or risk the life of another. The characters in Hark are ordinary people making choices to survive. The story draws attention to the harsh reality of human trafficking and shines light where there is darkness.