Dr. Benjamin Keyes

Dr. Benjamin KeyesTh.D, Ph.D, Ed.D, LPC
 Program Director/Associate Professor School of Psychology & Counseling.

Aside from his University duties, Dr. Keyes is a board member of Restoration Ministries, working with Human Trafficking and Prostitution; and Earth Charter U.S., working with Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, and the Environment. He is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Consultant in the States of Virginia (LPC) Florida (LMHC) and Texas (LPC & LMFT) and holds 4 National Board Certifications. His specialties include Dissociative Disorders, Domestic Violence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Addictions- Substance and Sexual, Adolescents, and Christian Counseling with an emphasis on Inner Healing.
Currently his literary duties include co- writing a book titled, Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder from a Christian Perspective. Dr. Keyes began a partnership with Military Ministries within the last year in order to develop a church-based trauma program to work with returning veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He is presently producing peer-reviewed articles and a presentation towards a Christian therapeutic model referred to as Healing Emotional Affective Responses to Trauma (HEART). Dr. Keyes is also a colleague of Dr. Collin Ross of the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma and produced the article A Cross-cultural Test of Trauma Model of Dissociation with him last year in the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. His goal for Regent University is to establish, train, and certify a First Response Trauma Team with Graduate students who will respond to man-made and natural disasters within 72 hours providing mental health services to those in need.