My Purpose

My Purpose
November 18, 2011 admin

What is the purpose of my life, what have I been put here to do, what is the meaning to this everyday struggle I’m constantly going through?
The hurt and the pain, this unjust game, played and humiliated, put to shame.
I walk down the street and feel as if everyone knows, what I’m out here for, what he says goes.
Just trying to survive, make it through another night, struggling to fight to stay alive. Hoping and praying God makes it alright.
Please Lord, take me off these streets, heal me tonight, give me something to eat; starving with a hunger that can’t be filled, with the materialistic dreams he feeds with such skill.
So many emotions, so many Trojans, what is the reason I’ve been chosen?
I feel of no worth, like the stomped on dirt, everyday men ripping off my skirt; taking advantage because they paid first.
On to the next one as if it was nothing, lost my innocence to something disgusting.
Nothing gained, everything lost, my heart locked up after that line was crossed.
Shattered and broken, I almost lost hope in, seeing that day when the heavens would open; shedding the light to a whole new life, I’m ready to do right and fight the good fight.
I’m onto the road of redemption, my turn to pay it forward, with no hesitation.
I’ll always stay strong, for I’ve realized there’s truly a reason it’s taken so long.
Every trial and tribulation was set on my path, to strengthen my faith and escape God’s wrath.
To build my endurance, give me the courage to persevere, re-open my heart, and break away from my fear.
To become wise yet humble, to get back up when I stumble.
I do have a purpose, I’ve been given a power, to make a difference, as I finally open up and bloom like a flower.
I am worth much more than the stomped on dirt, no more men ripping off my skirt.
I’ve got a future of accomplishment and success; in everything I do I’m going to be the best!

Written by a young lady who now calls Courage House home