Little Things Often Lead To Big Things.

Little Things Often Lead To Big Things.
March 5, 2010 admin

Every week for the last four (4) weeks in a row I have been surprised by an anonymous gift in my mailbox. A card. To some people it may seem like a “little thing” but to me it has been a very “big thing”. The first card arrived four weeks ago when it looked like our offer on the property for Courage House would fall through. The little pre-printed card simply stated “every time I think of you I smile” but underneath were hand written words filled with power. “We will occupy the land!” Those words pierced my soul and my spirit soared! It was as if God himself spoke directly to me and I felt as if I were flying on the wings of eagles!

The second card arrived the second week just as the week before, anonymously and timely. Laying beside the little card was a very big packet from the IRS saying we owed tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes … I felt sick to my stomach. Before my mind could take me down a rabbit trail of “what ifs … ” I opened my little card slightly distracted, slightly surprised my nameless friend had taken the time to write again. “Be strong” were the words I so needed to hear and miraculously they were handwritten on the inside of the little card. Hope entered my heart and a river of peace surrounded my thoughts. The little words were more than encouraging, they were life giving.

The third week I dared not believe another little thing would be delivered to my mailbox but secretly I searched just in case; hoping for a tangible dose of encouragement. I was not disappointed. There it lay tucked inside amongst an unwelcomed stack of bills and catelogs. I was beyond excited when I read; “When dreams take flight … follow them. Keep dreaming big for God!” I smiled all day feeling the delight of my creator as I dreamed of a home for children that had never had one. On that day it almost felt real.

Week four. A tough week lie ahead. I knew I couldn’t be and do all I was created to. I was profoundly aware of my inadequacies and utter humanness. The obstacles before me looked insurmountable … until a little thing happened. Another card was sent on another day “I will be filled with joy because of you; I will sing praises to your name o most high God.” What a reminder … this little thing, this little card, these little words reminded me that my choice to be filled with joy in the face of hideous circumstances changes everything; it changes me!

This little thing led me to my bible and the source of these life giving words … I also found more that made me smile “who despises the day of the small things? … Not by might, not by power but by my spirit says the Lord” (Zechariah 4) … again I was reminded that God works in and through us (and even in spite of us) in the littlest and biggest of ways.

Today, March 5th, 2010 is the day that Courage to Be You’s desire to build Courage House, a home for children rescued from sex trafficking became a reality. It all started with a little thing … a dream. What an amazing journey of small things that led to big things … I am overwhelmed.

P.S. To my anonymous pen pal – thank you. God used your little cards in such a big way! You will never know this side of heaven how timely they were and how much they meant to me. Bless you.