An Update from Tanzania, Africa

An Update from Tanzania, Africa
November 9, 2009 admin

First, the team from Northern California finished everything out in nyumba ya mungu where Courage House will be located! Truly an act of God…we were battling the whole way, but He was victorious. The building was filled with poop and was hideous to clean. It was pure poison. We ran water from the village well to the building, plus ran lines to the clinic, the nurse’s house, the church, the school, and a community tank that will provide clean water for an additional three villages. Wow! That in itself was a huge job, but God’s grace allowed us to finish even more. We built an outdoor kitchen, fixed and installed all the solar electricity, reinstalled ceilings, and cleaned A LOT.

There is still plenty of work to be done, that a second team can do in the spring of 2010 ~ Plans are being made already for them!

It is so apparent how God clearly appointed each individual on the team. They were really a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, all with specific talents and gifts, and God used each of them to bring the job to completion. Not only were they clearly here for the building, but God’s plan was so much greater. Aaron (one of the volunteers from Truckee, CA) really wanted to get some footage of the brothels, so he went out there the afternoon we got back from the renovation. He and Jeremy (another volunteer from Hawaii) ended up buying prostitutes and praying over them…they got a ton of footage and information I could have never gotten. God sent them to do what I could not do. I guess C2BU’s first undercover investigation is officially done! They got 2 prostitutes who were 18 and 16 (supposedly) so they just asked them some questions then prayed over them before they left. Pray that God will cross my paths with those girls or at least that He will have planted truth in their lives that will urge them to leave that lifestyle. Pretty exciting stuff I think. God is moving. I am coming home to the states for the holidays.