“God, What can I do to make a difference? Where do you want me?”

“God, What can I do to make a difference? Where do you want me?”
March 23, 2012 admin

When Bridgeway Christian Church hosted a concert for C2BU a few years ago my husband and I were asked to be greeters. I was excited to be part of what God was doing. During the concert I felt a tug on my heart. I was moved by what I learned. My question was, “God, What can I do to make a difference? Where do you want me?”

It wasn’t long after that I was signed up for the next 4 week training session held at Bridgeway. First things first, I thought I needed to learn all the details of what is involved and pray that this is where God wants me. Four Saturdays were spent listening intently learning about things I didn’t know existed. Wow, God? Where do you see me in all this? He confirmed with me that we all have gifts and we are to use them for His glory.

Oh, so my art background, you mean? Yes, He said.

I have always had my hands in some sort of paint, sometimes for fun and often times for profit. I have found myself doing a lot of decorative wall jobs, murals, faux finishing, art journaling etc. There came a day when I laid it all down and prayed that God would use me in His kingdom, for His glory and not just another job. “Lord, I wanted to make a difference with my art.”

When a newsletter went out asking for trained volunteers to interview for the art recreation time, I knew God was at work and this was my assignment. I am truly blessed to spend a few hours a week playing with paints, glue, canvas, sparkles, stamps, crayons etc. with the girls and loving on them. That is what He calls us to do, love one another and as we do that, our world is changed one life at time.