Exciting News from Courage Worldwide!

Exciting News from Courage Worldwide!
May 12, 2017 admin

Not in My Prison/Not in My Life is a first-of-its-kind U.S. program initiated by in-mates at the Susanville, California prison to teach inmates about the issue of human trafficking and its impact on young victims. As one inmate stated in a letter to our Founder/CEO, Jenny Williamson, “as lifers we want to prepare individuals re-entering society on how to combat human trafficking, as well as protect their families and communities from this evil. We lifers want to teach the young inmates returning to society that this is NOT okay and it is wrong to sell children”. One of our Courage Ambassadors, Dawn Hershberger, facilitated this program through her job as a Susanville Prison Correction Officer. Dawn’s work in making her community aware of this evil against children has earned her numerous awards. Not only did Dawn facilitate this program at the prison, she started a Triathlon in her community to raise funds and awareness for our efforts to serve those who have been impacted by this crime. We call Dawn a water walker, giant slayer and history maker! On Thursday, April 27th, we had the opportunity to train the leaders and members of the Not in My Prison/ Not In My Life group within the prison, teaching them about this particular crime of human trafficking, as well as what young victims endure at the hands of a trafficker. The prisoners were extremely moved and have vowed to get the Not in My Life / No in My Prison program into every prison in California. One inmate stated “I have selfish reasons for doing this – I have never made my family proud; I am hoping my involvement with this group and the movement to end trafficking will make them proud of me.” Not in My Prison/Not in My Life is a program under the Courage Worldwide umbrella. We will continue to provide training and support for these groups as they expand. Click here to register for the Courage Triathlon.

Uniquely You

Courage Worldwide’s Founder/CEO is releasing another book and this one is all about you! It is a workbook/assessment directed at equipping, encouraging and empowering you in your own water walking, giant slaying, history making destiny. In addition to the actual assessment, there are QR codes in the book that you can point your smart phone or tablet at, where you can see videos of Jenny personally encouraging you along the journey! Here is an intro to the study. You can purchase the book at amazon.com

Painting with A Purpose. We are so excited to launch our new fundraiser called Painting with A Purpose. Enjoy an evening or afternoon in a home, a church or a community center where our very talented artist Cassandra Burgess will teach you painting techniques to paint your own masterpiece. Inspired by Cassandra’s visit to Courage House Tanzania, your painting will be of an African scene. At the event you will also hear details of Courage Worldwide’s work with trafficking victims around the world. The cost per person is $35, which provides you with a canvas, paint, brushes and inspirational instruction from an extraordinary artist as well as a beautiful work of art you will take home at the end of the evening. Food and drinks are provided by the host/hostess of the evening. An offering will be taken for Courage Worldwide at each event. If you would like to schedule one of these parties in your home, church or business, please email us at info@courageworldwide.org. (If you are located outside the Sacramento region, the cost per person will be higher to cover travel expenses.)

Learn more about Cassandra here. Watch this informational video so you will know what to expect.