Education Saves Lives

Education Saves Lives
November 18, 2020 cwweditor

Education is something I have always highly valued, but never have I seen education be as impactful as it is for the girls at Courage House. It is one of the keys for our girls to escape poverty – to escape trafficking. These girls know that an education is their ticket out; it is their future.

However, it is not easy for them.  Living on the streets, being sold daily as a commodity, being abused and exploited by those in authority did not lend itself to a strong educational foundation. When they come to Courage House, some can barely read and most all believe they will never succeed in the classroom.

Many girls, if not all, have intense trauma that can affect their ability to learn. Girls with their own children have added responsibilities piled upon them that no young teen should be given. Balancing their own life while taking care of their baby is often overwhelming.

That is why we started the Courage School, Preschool and Leadership Academy on our campus.  We built Courage House to give them a home and a family, we built the schools to give them a foundation for a future. None of this would be possible without you!

With your generous giving, you have given them this gift that no one can ever take away… a home, a family and an education! Thank you!

Over here in Tanzania, it is National Exam time. November is a stressful month for the girls at Courage House. These exams determine whether they can move on to the next grade in school. They prepare all year for this exam, taken by all secondary students in the country.

Our wonderful teachers have been trained in trauma giving them patience and understanding of each girl’s unique background and life experiences.

Despite the obstacles they face, the girls at Courage House are resilient, studious and bright! National Exams are not easy here in Tanzania, as they are completely in English. Most girls come to Courage House with minimal English skills. Even after school hours, you can see the girls studying and working hard in preparation of their exams.

With all the stress in their young lives, our team continuously looks for ways to restore their childhoods and bring them joy. Music is a way we do this and is such an important part of Tanzanian culture. After school and in between study hours, the girls love to sing and learn to play instruments like drums, keyboard and guitar. The girls have a choir that meets weekly where they write songs together about hope, redemption and joy – their new life experiences at Courage House.

Music is such an incredible tool for healing, self-expression and a source of comfort, especially during the stressful time of National Exams.

Our girls are asking for your prayers as they sit for these exams. Join us in believing with and for them – especially our older girls finishing secondary school.  The exam creates additional stress for them as their grade determines what type, or even if, they can attend college and pursue their dreams.

The Courage House girls are so courageous! We believe that they are going to shine as they finish out the academic year!

What happens if they don’t pass?  They remain at Courage House if they are under 18, continuing to live as a family while continuing their education.  If they are over 18, they can move to Courage House Too where they are taught various skills and trades to earn a living and become independent if they cannot pursue their education.  They have so many options.   We have a sewing center, catering and event center, jewelry making, gardening as well as various trade schools they can attend.  Again, because of you they have options and opportunities they never even dreamed of.

Currently we have 36 girls who reside at Courage House and attend school there, along with 8 of their children who attend preschool.  It costs approximately $100 a month for all their educational needs along with the music program and their children’s tuition in preschool. We are asking if 45 of you would commit to a $100 monthly donation for the next 12 months giving them the gift of their education. For the 45 generous individuals who commit to this, we will send you the first name of the student you are sponsoring along with a brief bio, so you can keep her (and her child) in your prayers. If you give online, please use the note section to say education gift. If you are mailing in a check, please note the same on the memo of your check. We will then set this up as a reoccurring donation for 12 months. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

As this extremely unusual year comes to an end, we at Courage Worldwide would ask that you prayerfully consider giving this priceless gift to our girls – a home, a family and an education. With your year-end donation, you are giving them a future! Thank you!

To give click the green button below or mail a check to our office at 3031 Stanford Ranch Rd. Suite 2, #339 Rocklin, CA 95765! We are grateful for your support.

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Stephanie Midthun

Courage Worldwide
Executive Director, Courage House Tanzania