From a Courage Worldwide Volunteer: October 2012

From a Courage Worldwide Volunteer: October 2012
October 7, 2012 admin

It’s been more than three years since I met Courage Worldwide founder Jenny Williamson at a college forum. She announced that several girls in the area had been rescued from sex trafficking, but then she gave an immediate, stern admonition: “Don’t clap. They have nowhere to go.”

Our mood instantly shifted from one of quiet nodding, mumbling, ‘Oh yes, that is nice. Somebody will do something, and we can go back tomorrow to our same lives … you know, after we cheer the forum presenters and get awareness and education on this issue.’

God raised up a mighty army at that forum and through many events just like it. All so that precious children now have a home!!! Such a reason to dance!

So where are we now, Courage Worldwide volunteers and lovers of Christ? Can we feel the Father’s heart, sobbing with Jesus in the weeping room, deeply burdened by these beautiful children? And can we still manage to dance along the way? How can we celebrate our accomplishments when so many people around the world are still suffering, hungry and in chains? The people around us need to see that we are serious, that we will never stop fighting to end slavery permanently. We will never stop fighting to bring girls home. We will never stop shouting from the rooftops that girls are important, they are not second-class citizens and they are not an expendable commodity.

But let us dance together now and then, with our girls, and with each other as ONE. This will help sustain us together in the fight.