Courage House Tanzania: Restoration Across the Globe

Courage House Tanzania: Restoration Across the Globe
September 15, 2012 admin

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.”

This famous Ethiopian proverb paints a picture of how we at Courage Worldwide are coming together to combat the evil of sex trafficking. One year ago this month, our Roseville, Calif., -based nonprofit opened two homes on opposite ends of the world for girls being rescued from the trade.

Over this past year, our girls in Northern California and Tanzania, Africa, have taught us so many lessons, challenged us to find creative solutions, spurred us into greater levels of research, demonstrated incredible amounts of courage and ignited an even greater passion in us to see sex trafficking eradicated. Between our ranch-style home in America to our village home in the African bush, we have encountered a multitude of situations from which we can learn. Although the girls from the two homes have never met, they do write letters and pray for one another regularly. We have had staff from America visit Courage House Tanzania, and our African director has spent time at our American home. We believe the union of these homes is giving us the tools to multiply our efforts and see more girls rescued and restored throughout the world.

Last month, Courage House Tanzania was blessed with American visitors! Papa Charlie, who has become “grandpa” to hundreds of Tanzanian children over the course of many years, spent time with Courage Girls, giving them the love and attention that only a grandpa can provide. Former Courage House staffer Sara spent weeks assisting at the Tanzania property, and Ben Williamson just returned from two months working with Courage House girls and teaching local boys to weld at a vocational day school.

In addition, volunteers from Adventure Church in Roseville have been making repairs at Courage House Tanzania and teaching the girls.

We are so blessed to know that distance does not create barriers to loving these girls and calling them family. The Courage Worldwide family is rapidly growing, and restoration is happening from one side of the globe to the other.