Courage House Tanzania: Living in Freedom

Courage House Tanzania: Living in Freedom
May 8, 2012 admin

We are seeing so much beauty at Courage House Tanzania! We’ve had several new friends join us at Courage House this month. Jay and Becca Ramirez came to spend two months here. They are so much fun to be around and keep the girls laughing. The girls only recently became Christians, so Jay and Becca have been walking through the Story of God with them. Revealing simple truths in a story form has been transformational in their faith. Additionally, they’re teaching the girls to express themselves and tell their stories through photography. I’ll never in my life forget the first time one of the girls looked through the camera lens. The emotional mixture of excitement and amazement was hilarious.

Nancy Musuruve, our Courage House Tanzania Group Home Administrator, also arrived toward the end of the month. That’s right folks; I finally have a partner. I could not be more excited to welcome her and all that she has to offer here at Courage House. She grew up in Kenya and lived in America, so culturally, she is the perfect combination. I know God has great plans to use her here!

Joshua (the son of one of the girls who now calls Courage House TZ home) had his first birthday on April Fool’s Day. He loves to laugh, and I can already tell he will be funny. What better day to celebrate his life? Birthday parties are not part of Tanzanian culture, especially for a one year old, but I couldn’t help myself. We baked a chocolate cake, and I had visions of him being so excited that he just shoved his face right in it. That didn’t happen, but the party was pretty stellar anyway. As I stood back and watched everyone laughing and talking, I was so humbled to remember all that God has already done in Joshua’s life. He was born as the product of sex trafficking to a young girl enslaved. Now, a year later, he is happy and healthy with a mom who loves him. Together they live in freedom and are discovering more about God’s plan for them every day. In Exodus, after Moses left the Tent of Meeting, Joshua would always remain (no doubt) desperate to encounter the Lord. I pray this precious Joshua has that same desperation!

Thank you, as always, for your continued prayers and support for the girls at Courage House Tanzania, as well as the volunteers and staff. We truly appreciate it.

-Lauren Edens, Courage House TZ