Courage House Tanzania: Coming to America

Courage House Tanzania: Coming to America
November 3, 2010 admin

Sorry for the lack of communication and updates, I had to go undercover in order to successfully surprise my friends and family with an unexpected return to the states. My parents went to the airport to pick up a visiting missionary and never expected to see me walk through the terminal. It was one of the funniest moments I can remember in a long time.

Through a series of direction from the Lord, I knew it was important for me to return to America for the remainder of the year, despite my previous expectations.

I’m almost a month in, and it’s proven to be quite a good decision. From the time I hit the ground in California, my work with Courage To Be You hasn’t stopped. I’ve spent lots of time planning and preparing for the administrative and logistical pieces of opening the home in Tanzania. Thankfully, being in California has meant direct access to the clinical director and some much needed training and discussion about adapting Courage To Be You’s therapy plan to the Tanzanian culture. I also had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii to challenge and encourage the faith based community to address the problem of human trafficking in their state.

I will be returning to Mississippi November 1 until January. If you have any connections that would allow me to come and speak, I would appreciate the invitation. I’m available almost any time (even to travel) to speak to your church, youth group, small group, bible study, school, etc. I would also love to individually connect with you, my supporters to thank you and catch up on all that’s happening. Please contact me so I can coordinate my schedule to meet with you.

~Lauren Edens