Courage House NorCal: Winners, Champions, and More Than Conquerors

Courage House NorCal: Winners, Champions, and More Than Conquerors
May 16, 2012 admin

The month of May has been a busy month for the girls at Courage House, but our atmosphere has been one of expectation. Truly, they are seeing the God who exceeds expectations beyond their wildest hopes and dreams.

When our girls come home for the first time, they believe the lie, most often, that they are failures. God is reversing this lie for them personally. We see it in opportunities to build and maintain relationships, to try new activities, and for them to work through the difficulties of their pasts. Our girls are victorious, and we are learning that victory each day comes in small ways. But, they are no less than victorious.

Truly, when the Bible talks about how we are more than conquerors, this is the new label for our girls. God is allowing the Courage girls to experience newness at every place in their lives. Our girls are celebrating special moments like their high school prom. They know what it means to be home, to be safe, and to be loved. It has been a transformation process, one that you can markedly witness from the time a young lady comes home to when she has truly settled in her heart that this is where she belongs.

Please pray for our girls as they experience the transforming love of Jesus through relationships, through their environment, and for their futures that they are so courageously walking towards. Pray for them to dream, and then for God to do above and beyond that.

Our girls are winners, champions, and more than conquerors; it may take time to see this in the natural. But, we believe this is a reality for every young lady that God calls home to Courage House.