Courage House NorCal: Reaching Goals & Achieving Dreams

Courage House NorCal: Reaching Goals & Achieving Dreams
August 1, 2012 admin

Together, the girls of Courage House are reaching goals and achieving dreams that they may have never known separately. We watch in awe this summer as we have girls who are so very different than when they first arrived.
There is joy that our hearts experience when we see them sitting together and laughing. One of our favorite traditions at Courage House is sharing our ‘gratefuls’ each night at dinner. Some nights, we go so long we have to remind ourselves to eat.
Together, the girls are learning that the unity they feel together means that their hearts are connected. As we celebrate together, we grow together.
The girls are beginning to truly discover who they are and all that God intends for them! We could not be more proud. They are finding their voices and discovering their dreams. It is such a joy to watch.
Recently, the girls participated in a music camp where they began the process of writing their own songs and performing them for each other. The uncovered beauty of what we witnessed during that music camp was truly inspiring. They are our heroes.