Courage House NorCal: Promise of New Life

Courage House NorCal: Promise of New Life
April 14, 2012 admin

After carefully choosing their plants and flowers for their home, the girls planted a garden this month. And, boy did they ever plant! Rows of corn and butter beans, promises of lush watermelon, and lots of potatoes are hidden in the soil now. Watching the girls being willing to get dirty for the promise of new life was awe-inspiring. Laughter and joy were evident, and so were the realizations that they had over how strong they are!

Only God can tell the flowers when to bloom and the plants how to grow, and He does the same with our girls. We are watching seeds and hope being hidden away for the promise of a harvest. The girls are listening, considering, watching, and waiting for beauty to be found within them.

The girls are working hard. But, we have fun, too. Recently, we had an opportunity to quickly put on shorts and have a water war with bubbles, balloons, and lots of laughter. This all came about because we saw the sunshine come out and we wanted to play!

Yesterday, magnificent thunderstorms rolled across the sky at Courage House, and truly, God soaked His very presence on the hard work and labor of our girls. We know to expect tangible results in our garden this year. But, we also believe for tangible realities of hope and new life to come alive in our girls, for our staff, and for everyone connected to Courage House.