Courage House NorCal: Looking Into the Eyes of Promise

Courage House NorCal: Looking Into the Eyes of Promise
November 30, 2011 admin

As the holidays approach we can’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude. While these few months are known to be filled with busyness, activity, and shopping madness, I’m continually astounded at how fulfilling the simple things are.

I’m reminded of the very origin of Christmas. Mary and Joseph surrounded in the most humble setting, holding the long awaited child. I can imagine the fullness in their hearts and how “rich” they must have felt, even amidst the smells of donkeys and sheep. I’m sure all other cares faded as they tangibly held the promise God had given – a promise not just for their own lives, but one that would transform the world.

This Christmas season will be one like none we’ve ever experienced. We too will have the privilege of looking into the eyes of “promise.” This will be the first of many holidays shared with our Courage House princesses, both here in America as well as in Tanzania Africa. We celebrate the “birth” of the promise God gave to Jenny years ago, we revel in the fact that this promise did not just change her life, but it’s drastically altered so many of our own lives as well. It has liberated the lives of several girls, and ultimately, it is transforming a culture to fight against this injustice. But most of all, we stop for a few moments and look straight into the eyes of THE promise – Jesus Himself – and thank Him for making this all possible.

Our hearts rejoice as we share this season with our princesses. They are home, they are safe, and they are loved. We pray that each of you would experience a newfound joy this season and find reason to celebrate the simple things.