Courage House NorCal: Latest Achievements

Courage House NorCal: Latest Achievements
October 18, 2010 admin

State License : It is with great excitement I announce the final stages of the California Care Group Home Licensing Process.  We have had an amazing team of 5 individuals who have labored (and I mean labored) to take the C2BU founder’s vision of Courage House and replicate it into the application the state requires in addition to dotting all the “I’s” and crossings the “t’s” – in the manner dictated by the state.  When we started this process, I dreaded it with every fiber of my being and quite honestly, believed it would be a huge waste of ti me I was wrong.  The process helped our team clarify and develop the vision to equip, encourage and empower minor victims of sex trafficking to be and do all God created them to.  We were overjoyed to learn that our vision is higher in expectation than the state of California. We have truly created the framework for a “home” … not a program that can be replicated over the entire United States and around the world in cities that have no home for these vulnerable children.  We have prayed and battled our way through the process and are on track to submit the final application on November 10th.  Please pray that NOTHING will cause a delay in the final days of this process.

Grant Recipient : In partnership with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, C2BU was awarded a grant in the amount of $125,000.00, designated funds to hire a Courage House group home administrator.  We are pleased to announce Angela Dixon and Karen Hinkson (two of C2BU’s trained volunteers) have accepted this position as of September 15, 2010.

Staff/Volunteers : During 2010, we have trained almost 200 “toilet washers” as we fondly call our precious volunteers.  We partnered with the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy to bring the very best in trauma training to this group of dedicated individuals.  Some have already begun volunteering as community speakers, event coordinators, church liaisons, merchandise sales, project managers, administrative assistants, writers and marketing specialists!  We are so appreciative of each and every individual who sacrifice their time, doing their part to rescue and restore children from sex trafficking.  From this trained group, Courage House’s first employees and volunteers will be interviewed and hired.

Property Improvements : Courage House has under gone the property improvements required by the state to meet the specifications for housing minor children.  A gracious team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to make this happen at minimum costs.  Thank you, thank you!

Furniture/Vendors : Currently we are contacting local and national vendors to donate items to furnish Courage House.  If you have contacts or would like to help furnish Courage House with new items, please contact for a complete list of needs.

Property Master Plan : An amazing team of architects, surveyors, landscape architects, interior designers, real estate developers, construction business owners and masons have come together as a team volunteering their time and professional services do develop the Courage House Master Plan to be submitted to the county planners for approval. The plan calls for 11 individual cottages to house 6 young minors each cottage, along with a “house mom” in addition to an expansion of the existing house to include a commercial kitchen, classrooms and offices.  On the campus will also be an art and dance studio with a walking/bike path around the property.  Please pray for this approval process to expedited.  The master plan will allow us to make a home for 70 children!

Equine Program : To date Courage House has received 7 amazing horses donated by individuals who are passionate about seeing these animals aid our precious girls in their recovery.  One of our mares is pregnant!  We anticipate our “baby” sometime in late January!  Click here to see photos of their “home-coming”.

“Letter of Need” : Along with our application to the state for the group home license we are required to submit a “letter of need” from a county probation department and/or county child protective services department in order to receive public funds. We have been communicating with various counties, building relationships and presenting the Courage House model in order to receive this very important document.  The document is NOT required for a license.  However, if we receive the letter then we are able to tap into county funds for these children.  Without the “letter of need” we would rely primarily upon private funding.