The Courage House restoration process offers a balanced approach specifically addressing four distinct areas of a person—body, mind, spirit and emotions—separately and intentionally.


A Unique Life Plan™ (ULP) is developed with each resident to empower and encourage positive choices that allow her to discover her own unique purpose, strengths, gifts, and talents. It is a comprehensive, holistic, plan to ensure each residents physical, emotional, psychological, psychosocial, spiritual, educational, and reintegration needs are met.

The therapeutic trauma program at Courage House is administered by licensed professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in complex trauma.  Courage House utilizes the H.E.A.R.T. model for its trauma treatment program (Healing Emotional Affective Responses to Trauma) developed by trauma expert, Dr. Benjamin Keyes. The H.E.A.R.T. model is highly effective in decreasing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) facilitating positive growth, emotional healing, improvement of God image, and personal resiliency. This model currently stands as one of the few tested faith-based models that show positive growth, development, and healing for complex trauma survivors, particularly in the area of human trafficking. Courage House is a part of a 5-year mental health studies to document program outcomes.  Click here for preliminary outcomes through 2015.

Each girls’ emotional needs are met via focused trauma therapy delivered in a menu of modalities on and off campus, which include art, equine, dance, music, and recreational therapy. A young resident’s mental and educational needs are assessed and met at an on-site school, where learning takes place at her pace and scheduled in small increments throughout the day. Her spiritual needs are met in part at the dance, music, and arts studio, which also encourages creative expression.

An equestrian and riding program provides a means to build confidence and trust. Recreation activities and a riding arena provide year-round opportunities for athletic and physical activities that promote healthy self-esteem and a release of healing chemicals in the brain. Classes in social and life skills are offered to each resident at Courage House so she is thoroughly equipped, encouraged, and empowered to begin the journey of healing and restoration that is unique to her. Labrador Retrievers provide constant companionship and snuggles, and horses mirror a girl’s emotions which allow her to begin a relationship of trust that she can transfer to humans.