Courage House Endorsements



Michelle and Her Daughter

“…I am the very proud mother of a Courage House young lady! She is a change maker! She has a future! And she is loved by so many who know what love is. Thank God for Courage House–they saved my daughter’s life

—Michele, a mom of a girl who called Courage House home.

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“We have discovered the adolescents who have been trafficked for sex show the most significant response to treatment at 18-24 months for both mental health symptoms and complex developmental attachment wounds. These preliminary results point to long-term care for adolescents of commercial sexual exploitation as the best practice for treatment. Based upon research, it is my professional opinion that residential care be designed as a two-three year program for adolescent girls rescued from commercial exploitation.

Courage Worldwide has established a long-term therapeutic residential care home model for sexually exploited adolescents and young adults that meets and even exceeds our standards for best practices in the industry. Their outcomes are extraordinary with this population and are now documented as a part of a five-year longitudinal study measuring the effects of the Courage House program.”

– Dr. Vanessa Snyder, Dean of Clinical Affairs
VP Institute of Trauma & Recovery
Richmont Graduate University

“After working with Courage Worldwide for the past ten years, I can truthfully say they are one of the most well designed therapeutic environments I have worked with in the area of human trafficking. Their extended family approach and focus on personal responsibility, while in a supportive therapeutic environment is cutting-edge in the industry. One of the very best in the industry.”

— Dr. Benjamin Keyes

Director of the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies at Divine Mercy University; Author of the H.E.A.R.T. Trauma Treatment Model; Mental Health Consultant, Courage Worldwide