Courage House Tanzania: Shipping Across the Ocean

Courage House Tanzania: Shipping Across the Ocean
February 19, 2011 admin

We’re excited about what God is doing, but we still need your help to ship goods to Tanzania. I’ve spent the past few months in America, and it’s almost time to head back to Tanzania! My spirit is excited to return. It has been difficult to be away from the place and the people I love, but I know that the Lord has done great things in this time.

Back in October, I left things in Tanzania on the brink of some great progress. The church of Tanzania has been informed and is ready to reach out and share Christ’s love with these precious girls. The government of Tanzania is willing and ready to help us find and house the girls. The Courage House garden had its first productive harvest. All signs point of great things to come, yet God told me it was time to head across the ocean. And so I did.

Since October, I’ve been traveling throughout the states non-stop. I have spent time recognizing the problem of human trafficking in various settings and meeting with people who are fighting to stop it. I’ve spent time meeting with C2BU staff and figuring out the most effective way to adapt our vision to Tanzanian culture. Thankfully, I’ve also spent precious time connecting with supporters, family, and friends, telling of all that the Lord is doing.

One of the most exciting parts of my time in America was collecting all of your generous donations for Courage House Tanzania. Everything from bedding to trampolines is all stacked and ready to be shipped. There has been a slight problem though. The opportunity we had to share a container with another organization fell through, and now we have no way to ship everything to Tanzania. I know the Lord has blessed us, and I know he will not stop halfway. We are believing, and humbly asking, if anyone would be willing to cover the shipping expenses of our container. We can either fill a 20 foot or 40 foot container, and the cost ranges from $10,000-$20,000 dollars depending on the size we choose. If you are interested in making such a generous donation, or making a contribution towards this effort, please contact C2BU at or email me directly at
– Lauren Edens