Courage House Tanzania Needs

Courage House Tanzania Needs
October 4, 2012 admin

So often when asked to think of Courageous people, I have thought of those like Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa – those who have made massive impact on large groups of people. But my idea of courage has drastically changed over the past few years. When I am now asked to think of courageous people, the first ones that pop in my head are no longer these famous icons, but the people that I am surrounded by day in and day out, the ones who have become apart of a larger extended family – the Courage Worldwide family.

My mind turns to Courage House Tanzania.

I think of the TZ Courage House director who has left a life in America to live in the bush of Africa, provide mothering to 10 beautiful girls, and leading a group of passionate staff along this journey with us.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our teacher who feels so called to provide an education to our girls that he rides his bike two hours each way to Courage House, every single day, through mud and heat in order to prepare them for their future.

I think of the local pastor’s wife, who feels led to cover our home in prayer all night long when threats of violence and theft have been brought to our attention.

My mind turns to our dedicated house mothers who have not only given their heart and soul to love and nurture our girls, but have extended that to the girl’s biological families as well. Two of our girls were recently orphaned by the death of their mother and father. While these two girls were already living at Courage House their two younger brothers were left alone. Without hesitation our house mom, a widow herself with 4 of her own children, took the siblings into her home and offered to commit herself to loving and caring for them.

I think of one of our other staff who has taken ten orphans within the community into her home, for no other purpose but to give them a family.

And then I think of our bold Courage Girls. I sit and contemplate the extraordinary courage they have shown as they leave a life of familiarity and walk into an unknown journey of healing and restoration.

I think back to my recent moments with them as we sat under trees in the village, hearing their stories of torture and abuse, and then watching them wrestle out the invitation to have a new life. I could almost hear the questions resounding in their heads…. “Are they telling me the truth?” “Will they really love me if they know everything?” “Will I still be able to see my family, moving so far away.” “How will I take care of my family and provide for them right now?” “Am I worth it?”

And I picture them now as they wrestle through their education, some learning to read for the first time at 17 years old. I think of the courage it takes to talk through painful memories, especially in a culture that does not value transparency in that way. I think of the courage of one of our young girls who is already mothering her one child, and another who is preparing for the birth of her own. And I am awe struck with the courage it requires to learn to trust again.

But they are doing it. Every day their choice to get out of bed is an act of courage.

The staff and girls in Tanzania are courageous world changers. They are taking a stand, making choices to change mindsets and culture, and they are living their life intentionally facing their fears….and overcoming!

Will you join them?

As an organization we have taken a bold stand to say we will support these young girls in this process of healing. Part of that courageous act is trusting that others will join us in financially making this happen.

There are currently some pressing needs at Courage House Tanzania…..will you resolve to personally be a part of the solution?

Land – Courage Worldwide is looking to purchase 5 acres of property to build permanent homes for more girls. We are constantly having to turn girls away due to a lack of space. Purchasing land and building more homes will provide permanency for our girls as well as expand our efforts to many, many more.
Total Cost: $7,000

Electricity – Courage House TZ is in need of purchasing 3 batteries to fix an electrical problem. The girls currently do not have electricity, making day-to-day living difficult.
Total Cost: $1,500

Thank you all for being the face of justice to these precious daughters!

Melissa Herrmann
Program Director