Courage House NorCal: Beauty Surrounds

Courage House NorCal: Beauty Surrounds
October 1, 2012 admin

When a Courage House resident spends time walking the property’s quiet, tree-lined trails, her future lies before her. There, in the serenity of the orchards, she can contemplate her next steps and rediscover her identity as a new, clean child of God.
Previously, she may not have had the experience of wandering in the countryside. Just venturing into the garden defines her as courageous. The rose buds and bright-eyed sunflowers invite her into a new world perspective. She’s ready to see something beautiful now. Maybe she gathers flowers for our tables and windows. Perhaps she just breathes deeply and sees new opportunity in her life. Walking slowly, she asks questions about the vegetables and laughs as we eat strawberries. We harvest so much that our arms cannot carry it all, so we rest a while. She makes connections with some of the things she sees and talks about her science class. At the end of the garden, she pauses and looks out at the fruit trees and horse pastures before her and simply stands.
Is this the moment we’ve waited for? I think so. She stares at the beauty that surrounds her, and, I believe, decides she is worth it. She deserves this. As we walk further into the orchard, she asks about the fruit trees and samples a fig. We tour every tree and look at its different appearance and shape. Some trees stand proud and tall and have no fruit, but their roots go deep. Other trees seem burdened under the weight of the goodness they bear. Who decides when fruit is to appear? Who decides when roses are to bloom?
Birth happens in secret here. The month of September has been tremendous for our girls. What may seem insignificant as they begin to change builds and produces more than they could ever ask or imagine. Our girls are dreamers. Our girls are visionaries. Our girls are breathtaking in their daily acts of courage. Our girls are vessels of hope and honor.
Thank you for bringing this reality to them.