C2BU Upcoming Needs

C2BU Upcoming Needs
October 4, 2009 admin

PLEASE PRAY! The C2BU Board has identified a property for Courage House in central Placer County. We are in the process of making an offer for the land by faith. We were miraculously given $40,000 on Sunday towards the purcahse of the home, however we still need $1.2 million for this property.

HOW TO PRAY Please seek God with us to battle for these children’s promised land. God’s word says we must take it. Please agree with us in prayer that this is the land and for the money to be released.

If you know of a foundation we can write a grant or make an application for please let us know.
If your employer matches funds please pray about giving. Please consider making a monthly pledge E-mail us with your creative fundraising efforts.

Courage to Be You, Inc. is so excited to announce a volunteer opportunity in Tanzania, Africa. We have secured land and a building outside of Moshi, Tanzania (located near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro) to be the very first Courage House outside the United States. Courage House is our dream and vision of a home for children rescued from sex trafficking. The building we have been given FOR FREE in Tanzania, needs lots of work to transform it into a beautiful, comfortable, safe and loving home for these vulnerable children. We would like to invite YOU, yes YOU, to travel to Africa to make a difference in the lives of these children. I promise you something – not only will you make a difference in their lives, but they will make an even greater difference in yours … they certainly did mine.

Stop just for a minute and imagine yourself there. The smiles and laughter of these kids, in the midst of great pain and poverty is worth the trip half way around the world. Listen to the beat of your own heart. Are you longing to go? Don’t over think or over analyze it … just do it!! Use your airline miles, ask for time off at work, encourage your friends to support you financially (we’ll help you write a support letter) – do whatever it takes to respond to the still small voice inside of you. Don’t ignore or silence it.

Our goal is to take a team of at least 15 people in October 2009 to renovate the outside of the building and bring clean water from a village well to the home. Currently we have 7 people who have already booked their plane tickets. If you would like a volunteer information packet for more details, please email us at info@c2bu.org.

One last invitation, if you cannot go to Africa in October, then please consider donating financially to this home click on “donate” below. You may also mail a check to 3031 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 2, #443. Some of us can go and some of us can give … both offerings are of great value!