An Army of Volunteers

An Army of Volunteers
April 3, 2010 admin

I am continuously amazed by the number of individuals who email and telephone us at C2BU pledging their support and prayers to ensure Courage House(s) – homes for children rescued from sex trafficking – are built here in the United States and around the world. I shake my head in wonder as our Believe in Me, Courage to Be You band, singers, dancer and production team continue to say “yes” when asked if they will “do” another concert whether it means they travel miles from home, take vacation days to be there and use their own money for their expenses. My heart is encouraged when churches of all different denominations continue to offer us their building and congregations to make our communities aware of this crime that is happening in our own backyards. When I walk on stage at these benefit concerts and awareness nights, I am so thrilled by the number of people who passionately attend the event – hundreds of them – as they receive the message and vow to join the army to fight this evil against women and children. My shook my head in utter astonishment when over 200 people showed up for a volunteer training orientation and 115 of them choose to sacrifice their time (6 Saturdays for 8 hours each day) and spent over $275.00 for just the chance to serve rescued victims at Courage House, in the juvenile court system or in ways we haven’t even determined yet. I am humbled when I SKYPE C2BU’s Courage House Director in Tanzania; a wise 25 year old single woman who left her job, friends and family to go by faith ALONE, without a salary or promise of one, to where God called her and do something about the injustice of sex trafficking in Africa. My spirit soared when hundreds of people gave up their Monday evening, many of them bringing their entire families, just to join in C2BU’s celebration service thanking God for all He has done this past year. I was overwhelmed when a team of professionals and craftsmen (architects, engineers, landscapers, builders, masons, designers) all offered their time and expertise to create a master plan for the property C2BU bought for the first U.S. Courage House. I was beyond blessed when a family said yes to God’s request that they go to India for a year to help build a Courage House there -courageously leaving their home and business to do their part in righting this wrong. I was delighted when a clinical psychologist offered to fly here WEEKLY if necessary to help design the therapy program for Courage House. I was astonished when the California Highway Patrol offered their cadets for a day to do a service project at Courage House.

Over and over it happens. Daily I am approached by caring individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of these children; who want to change the world one individual at a time. They are ALL “water walkers; giant slayers and history makers(TM)” in my book! I can’t list them all here, but I am writing them all down in my journal so I never forget but more importantly so I can share the stories with the girls who come to Courage House.

I am so encouraged by so many people DOING SOMETHING now that they know of this hideous evil, this injustice called the sex trafficking of minors!

I am so thankful to ALL of you who have volunteered your time and talent, given generously of your resources and offered up your prayers for the dream of building Courage House so we can offer a safe and loving home for these vulnerable, invisible children here in the U.S. and around the world. A place where we can tell them that they were” created on purpose for a purpose(TM)”. Daily I see tangible evidence of your efforts and tangible evidence of God’s promise that He will do more than we dare ask or imagine. Thank you. Thank you. I pray that God will bless you as abundantly as you have blessed. Jenny