Financial Transparency & Accountability

Courage Worldwide, Inc. strives for complete financial transparency and goes beyond government requirement and industry best practices to ensure outside scrutiny of our financial and program practices.

Currently, we have a gold rating with Guide Star, EFCA and Charity Navigator due to our transparency and accountability.


Courage Worldwide also annually employs an outside financial auditing firm. Download the latest audited financials here. Like all non-profit organizations, we are required by the IRS to make public our financials via IRS form 990 by May 15th of each calendar year for the previous year.

Courage Worldwide Financial Statements as of December 31, 2017.

990 IRS Tax Forms

Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2017 form 990.
Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2016 form 990.
Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2015 form 990.
Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2014 form 990.
Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2013 form 990.
Courage Worldwide, Inc. 2012 form 990.
Courage to Be You, Inc. 2011 form 990.
Courage to Be You, Inc.  2010 form 990.

In addition to these practices, Courage Worldwide, Inc., employs an outside CPA firm who monthly reconciles our bank statements, cross checks accounting entries and provides reporting to the CEO to ensure the highest standards in financial reporting.

Since Courage House is a licensed program with the state, we are audited financially to ensure the rate we are paid by the state equals the program delivery and hiring of required staff. The state audits the program as well as the health and safety of the residents at Courage House annually and they schedule surprise visits to the home for program audits.

Current Funding Sources

Courage Worldwide was established with a corporate structure in order to support multiple long term residential therapeutic homes in the U.S. and abroad. It was evident that no one funding source would be adequate to maintain the organization’s global focus. With that in mind, Courage Worldwide sought to create a diversified funding stream to support the programs under the Courage Worldwide umbrella. In addition to focusing on victim restoration in therapeutic homes, Courage Worldwide also provides the community with prevention programs, policy reform, professional services training, and demand reduction.

To further increase that diversified funding stream, Courage Cafés are under development.

Public/Government Funding

Over 95% of children placed at Courage House are in the child welfare or juvenile justice system, thus there are county funds that follow them into placement here in the United States. When Courage House Nor Cal is full (6 girls) these funds cover 60% of Courage House Nor Cal’s operating expenses or 22% of the total organizational operating budget. If you remove the In-Kind donation total, that amount changes to public funds representing 30% of the income realized in 2015. However, as expansion begins in 2016 and additional cottages are built, this number increases. Breakeven or 100% of the Courage House Nor Cal operating budget will be covered when 18 girls (3 cottages built and full) call Courage House home. This is due to the fact that most organizational overhead costs remain consistent, scaling at a slower pace.

Private Funds

Currently, thirty seven (37%) percent of CWW’s funding comes from private donations, such as individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations. If you remove the in-kind donation total of $665,000 during 2015 and only calculate cash donations, that percentage increases to 52%.

In-Kind Private Funds

In 2015, we were fortunate to have tremendous community support in the way of professional services and/or products donated as in-kind donations. A great deal of these funds were start-up costs donated specifically to open Courage Café and the remainder were funds for the Campus Expansion at Courage House Nor Cal. This accounted for 28% of our total operating budget.

Events & Training

Courage Worldwide hosts four signature events a year plus two certified trainings. In 2015, these trainings were expanded outside the state and plans are underway to have all of our certified training courses on-line by year end 2016. These events and trainings account for 13% of our annual budget or 18% without factoring in In-Kind Donations.

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