A Word from Denise Siemens, Founder of Arise! Women

A Word from Denise Siemens, Founder of Arise! Women
October 31, 2018 pearls

This week during our $100,000 in 100 day campaign, we wanted to bring you a testimony from a Courage Worldwide longtime supporter. Denise Siemens is the Founder of an organization that empowers women. Several years ago, she hosted a conference in the Sacramento area and invited all the residents at Courage House (US) to attend and then in 2018 Denise was able to travel to Tanzania, Africa to equip, encourage and empower our girls and staff there. Below is Denise’s testimony to her experience.

—Jenny Williamson, Founder/CEO, Courage Worldwide, Inc.


Many of us get overwhelmed and frozen from doing anything when we take a look at all of the hardship, pain, and evil in the world. The enormity of the task often keeps us from doing anything at all. I’m grateful that the staff at Courage Worldwide looked at the situation squarely in the face and ACTED to do their part in rescuing and caring for those who have been trafficked.

I’ve known Courage Worldwide’s Founder, Jenny Williamson and Courage House Tanzania Executive Director, Stephanie Midthun since the first Courage House was started in California almost 10 years ago. I have witnessed first-hand the amazing program that they have built. Not only do the girls receive professional medical, psychological, and social work care, but they also receive prayer ministry and the love of God on a deep level. It’s an amazing program.

In 2018, I traveled to Courage Tanzania and was blown away by the work that’s being done. Not only do the girls encounter God for healing, strength and comfort, but Courage TZ has a physician, a social worker, a teacher and multiple support staff to give the girls a huge hand up to walk in the destiny that they were created to follow. It is nothing short of miraculous to see the change that has taken place in the lives of the girls who live there. Stephanie and Joel Midthun are doing a marvelous work. We need more of these homes worldwide! I encourage you to prayerfully consider financially supporting the work of this organization. They are truly changing the world, one individual at a time as they rescue and restore victims of trafficking – building them homes and calling them family.

Denise Siemens
Founder of Arise! Women & Elevate Her