A Spirit of Unity

A Spirit of Unity
April 28, 2011 admin

Almost 3 years ago, the Lord laid it on my heart that there was something for me to do with children in our community. I prayed about it for months and saw an article in the Sacramento Bee that August, 2008: I was shocked to learn that our own children are being trafficked for sex, even in Sacramento. The article featured Jenny Williamson and her dream for a Courage House. I called Jenny and met her for coffee. I wasn’t sure if this was what I was supposed to do until she told me she needed a song to tell the story of the girls. That was it. Jenny did not know I was a musician or a songwriter. It was obvious that this was a divine connection!

Soon after that, Jenny invited me to be on the board of Courage to Be You. I did not hesitate when she asked me because the vision of C2BU was where my heart was: to equip, empower and encourage individuals and to change the world, one person at a time. I’ve been amazed at the leadership that has joined our Board of Directors – godly, like-minded individuals with a common heart for the kids that need to be rescued. We have pastors, professionals and business leaders. The spirit of unity is amazing. The board meetings are nothing like anything I’ve experienced before. Each time we come together, we are completely blown away by what God is doing and the time of prayer is incredible. It is an honor now to not only serve as Creative Director of C2BU, but on the Board of Directors as well. Jenny has been advised many times to put wealthy, influential people on her board, but her response is always the same: “This is not what the Lord told me… He told me to put godly people with a strong faith and deep commitment to the Him on my board.” Yes, none of us are rich by the world’s standards, but the board is rich in integrity, in character, in unity, in passionate hearts and we are ready to change the world, especially for the most broken, vulnerable children in the world. We are ready to see these kids rescued and restored, filled with courage and strength to be all that God intends for them to be!

Stephanie P. Midthun
Creative Director, C2BU