From A Courage Worldwide Volunteer: For Such A Time As This

From A Courage Worldwide Volunteer: For Such A Time As This
August 24, 2011 admin

I was introduced to Jenny Williamson over three years ago.  Over lunch, I got to know her a bit and then she asked me for my story. She sat and listened to my heart as I recalled the story of my childhood abuse and the miraculous healing God had done in me, then my son and finally the impact losing my mother had on me a year earlier. 

My mother had left me quite a legacy.  Even though she was not able to protect me, she spent the last 30 years of her life ministering to teenagers from similar situations.  Shortly after her death, God had told me in my spirit that I would carry on her work but it would much bigger.  At that time I could not imagine the journey I would one day take with God.
After hearing my testimony, Jenny asked me to share at the very first Courage Conference at Adventure Christian Church.  I attended the conference like everybody else thinking I might learn something valuable but never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to begin the journey of truly finding MY purpose.  Even while I was on the journey I didn’t know I was on the journey.  I just kept doing the next thing that God would tell me to do. 
At the conclusion of the conference, I signed up to do the eight week Uniqueness assessment.  Week after week we simply met, Jenny shared, we prayed and we did the work. I wasn’t sure if anything was really happening, I just answered the questions and wrote in my journal, and then one day God spoke to me so clearly, it was undeniably Him.  He called me Esther, Queen Esther to be exact.  He told me it was on purpose that I was named Regina after my grandmother for the name Regina means Queen and Esther was the name he had been waiting to give me.

I had always hated my name growing up because it was so regal.  I never felt even like a princess much less a Queen but since this study I have not only embraced my heritage but I have embraced my destiny.  This is some of what he said to my spirit as I wrote in my journal.

“You, Regina, have been born to a holy destiny.  For the purposes and wisdom of God our Father are yet to be revealed in you.  We know that Philippians 1:6 says “For this I am confident, that He who began a good work within you will go on to perfect it in preparation for the day of Jesus Christ.’  Esther of this day, you are being called out to prepare in purity and holiness to the oil of myrrh and the death to seductions calling to fleshly desires.  It is a call to consecration.  The call comes to say yes and give yourself up for the King and His Kingdom.  While in the midst of myrrh death, favor given and a handwritten signature of God upon your life and work.  The perfume of His presence follows you, others notice the anointing on your life and are drawn.  This Journey has been difficult, you have been preparing for this moment to go unto the King.  Now is the time for intimacy. Today is the day He delights in you Queen Esther.”

My answer was yes and that is all I have been doing since then.  

When Jenny invited us to be trained through the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy I said yes.  When Chaplain Dan invited us to volunteer at Juvenile Hall I said yes.  When Tara asked if anyone was interested in being on the Speakers team I said yes.  And most recently when Jenny asked if I could help getting Courage House decorated I said yes.  Each time I simply said yes because I knew that it was God who had called me.  I had to cast my fears aside with each endeavor, I had to believe.  Some of what God called me to was to give me victory over my fear.  But as for working with the girls, I know my purpose.

I still wake up scared but so excited every morning.  Wednesday nights are my favorite night of the week because I get to visit the girls at Juvenile Hall and do Bible studies with them.  I feel most alive when I am with my girls at Juvenile Hall, speaking truth into their lives and they love hearing about God’s love and grace. They are learning to pray and keep praying even when they don’t get the answer they want. They are learning to go to God’s word for encouragement and wisdom.  They are learning that they too were born on purpose for a purpose and I love reminding them of it week after week,   God has given me a extraordinary ability to love on them and my  prayer life has become my life line.  It is as necessary for me as the air I breathe.  The attacks do come but I have learned to put on the armor of God daily. I am safer than I have ever been.

Every once in a while I think about this crazy wonderful journey we have all taken with Jenny.  I think about what we would have missed out on had Jenny not obeyed, had we not obeyed. Where would our princesses go?   Where would the girls in Unit 17 get their identity?

Each of has a story of how we got here.  Each story is as unique and precious as the next.  God has called us and has extended His scepter to us to join Him in His Kingdom purposes.  Whether we are a man or woman, educated or not, young or old, rich or poor, regardless of all these things, a call to consecration comes to those who are willing to say yes.

For such a time as this,
Gina Seitz