From a Courage House Volunteer: December 2011

From a Courage House Volunteer: December 2011
December 22, 2011 admin

I remember seeing a small picture of Jenny Williamson in the Sacramento Bee talking about a home for young girls trapped in the Sacramento sex trafficking world. Her words were so full of hope and the article caught me. God caught me up in His Will. I decided to watch Jenny and see what would really happen. Could this pretty, blonde lady from the Bay area rescue girls and give them a new home and a new life?!

I can’t believe that I am here, almost two years later, using my college training and love for food to benefit these young women. I am calling them women even though they seem like girls, so sweet and trusting and hopeful… but adults because of the life thrust upon them.

I was so excited to go through the six-week training with the “first” group of people being trained, and then waited and prayed for God’s fit for me. I remember stuffing and addressing envelopes for the first newsletter. What a fun team! However, collecting contributions for the golf tournament was out of my league! I live in Grass Valley and decided to ask a B & B for an overnight package as donation for the golf tournament. There are a lot of those up here and I looked on line and found “the best one.” I prayed about it and thought…well, this is for God’s people and they can have the best. I stumbled over my words in the lobby and before I finished my rehearsed speech, the owner said she would be proud to give Courage House a gift certificate! Praise God! The Golf tournament was a blast.

I studied dietetics at UC Davis and am able to train the staff at Courage House on Title 22 regulations as well as provide menus and cook for the women/girls at the house. What a blessing. I never would have dreamed that my college degree and specific interests from 1995 could possibly be used to further His Great Work. I have never used my degree as I am a very blessed elementary school teacher. Thank you Jenny for obeying Him and for everyone so faithful to the Giver of Life!