Thank You, God

Thank You, God
February 19, 2011 admin

In the midst of all my troubles,
I have found a way to grow,
grow halfway into the person
I want people to know.
Although my issues and my problems are not too far behind,
I see that place beside You
where it feels safe to reside.
You wrap Your arms around me
when I need someone to care,
I know that when I need You.
You will always be right there.
Sometimes when I think
I can take the world on by myself,
I tend to push Your love aside
and place You on a shelf.
When I realize that I need You
and I can’t do this on my own,
You guide me on Your path
and fix what I have blown.
You have the power of the world
and wish I understood.
You give and take away,
but only for my good.
You lead me out of trouble
and show me the right way.
You have never left my side
so now…I have to say.
You loved me unconditionally
when the world was just Your goal.
For this I want to thank You
from the bottom of my soul,
You are the best thing in my life
and you live inside my heart.
So from now until the end of time, never will we part.
BY: C.G.