Our vision at Courage Worldwide
is big and bold.

We want to see more children rescued out of sex trafficking and have their lives completely restored. We want to build a Courage House in every city around the world that needs one. We want to completely eradicate sex trafficking. To do this, we need you!

Courage Worldwide began as a volunteer organization. No one took a salary until the first girl arrived home at Courage House. We value our volunteers. They play a critical role in our mission and vision. Annually, we utilize over 1500 passionate and skilled individuals in a variety of roles with volunteer hours totaling over 10,000 annually. We are extremely grateful to those who have given, and continue to give, their time and expertise toward the mission and vision of Courage Worldwide. We value you.

We have currently have volunteer opportunities in California, Texas, Mississippi and Tanzania, Africa working at events and in the corporate office.

We are so grateful for your interest in volunteering for Courage Worldwide. Please email volunteer@courageworldwide.org for more information or with questions. Please note, this volunteer position does not allow you to work directly with the girls.

Courage House Volunteers

Courage House volunteers are so important to our girls and to our program. We have volunteers that plant our garden, work with our horses, bake, tutor and play games with our girls. We have volunteers who cut our grass, who teach life skills and go to the gym with our girls. We have volunteers who have train our dogs, mentor our girls and who remain a consistent presence in their life.

While we welcome volunteers, our first priority is the children we serve and their needs. The girls who call Courage House home are very vulnerable and highly traumatized children who have experienced things no human being should ever have to endure. Our volunteers must be equipped, encouraged and empowered to interact with them in a healthy way. We have a culture at Courage House that promotes healing, we have a common language that ensures consistency and core values that safeguard unity. Before you volunteer at Courage House, we must train you in that culture, language and values. We must educate you in the symptoms of complex trauma and provide you with the tools to build a healthy relationship with our girls.

To start volunteering at Courage House you must attend an organizational orientation, complete our three day certified training, be interviewed, provide references – both professional and personal – then be finger printed and background as well sign a confidentiality agreement with regard to the home location. You must also commit to a minimum of four hours a month for one year and attend a monthly volunteer continued education training. You must complete this entire process whether you want to volunteer in the barn, in the garden or directly with our girls. You cannot tour the home or meet the girls until you have completed this entire process. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: No one is guaranteed a volunteer position at Courage House – even if you have completed all of the above steps. We must ensure the girl’s safety and choose volunteers based on their ability to meet the needs of child and/or the organization not the volunteer. Again, thank you for understanding.

Annual Courage Run

World Renown Artist David Garibaldi

Annual Urban Safari Gala