Sex Trafficking From a Father’s Perspective

Sex Trafficking From a Father’s Perspective
December 3, 2015 admin

I heard a statistic yesterday that floored me. Of the girls who have lived at Courage House, 81% didn’t have a father in their home. Of the 19% who did, 90% of these men sexually abused and/or exploited their daughters. I will never understand how a father can hurt his own child. Sadly, in my role as Campus Development Director at Courage House, I know these facts are true. This is why I believe God called me to these vulnerable children. They need a Dad. They need good men.

This letter is a call to action for us men! These fatherless girls deserve to know men as protectors not perpetrators. Imagine if you will, what lengths you would go to if your own daughter — sister or niece — was exploited in this way. Many of us would end up in jail! However, that isn’t what they need. They need us to fight for their innocence. They need us to call them OUR daughters. Won’t you join me?

If you are asking how, start by praying. Cover these children in the protection of your prayers. If you can swing a hammer or a golf club, participate. We have frequent work days at the property and Golf Tournaments in the spring, as well as numerous other events throughout the year where we could use your help. As our Founder says: do what you love to do for these kids. I did.

Won’t you join me in this fight?

I lead a team to build homes on Courage Worldwide property to expand our capacity. My job also allows me to participate in their young lives. I have played competitive Pictionary, given rides on a dirt bike, taught them to drive and to dance, as well as listened to their “gratefuls” after dinner. These treasured moments remind me why I fight for our girls. I would invite you to do the same. They need good men. They need you.

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Andy Cude, Director, NorCal Campus Development