See How You Are Changing Generations

See How You Are Changing Generations
October 27, 2020 cwweditor

Your Giving Literally Changes Lives!

“Daisy” came to Courage just a few months ago newly pregnant at 14-years-old, but she didn’t even know it yet. Girls in Tanzania are not allowed to attend public school if they are pregnant, leaving many girls without an education and increased difficulties finding employment later on. Girls are often shunned from their families and villages when pregnant, which is one of the many reasons they go to the streets for survival. Fortunately, at Courage House, Daisy can continue her education throughout her pregnancy and then as a teenage mother.

We created the Courage Preschool for girls like Daisy, who come to Courage pregnant or with a child. While Daisy is healing, gaining education and new opportunities, her child will be able to do the same. Our preschool is open to the children of our girls and staff. Currently we have seven children, with another three children who will be entering the preschool soon.

The children learn so much at school, and have a lot of fun while doing it! The preschool is taught in English and their brains soak it up. They are learning to communicate in both Swahili and English with confidence, an incredible skill to have here in Tanzania! English, reading, math, and fun projects – the kids do it all! You can always hear the enthusiasm and laughter radiating out from the preschool classroom all around the Courage House campus. 

We can’t tell you about Courage Preschool without introducing Miss Emmy, our beloved preschool teacher. Miss Emmy has an incredible connection to Courage. My father, Papa Charlie, connected with Emmy in one of his many trips to Tanzania. He felt God tell him that Emmy was to be like a daughter to him. So, Papa Charlie helped Emmy follow her dream, to become a teacher, by supporting both her secondary school and college where she studied early childhood education.

Through this connection with Papa Charlie, Emmy started working at Courage in 2014 years as a house mama. After working in this position loyally for four years, we knew Miss Emmy would be perfect for the role of preschool teacher when we established the preschool in 2018.

Miss Emmy creates a safe, loving and fun environment for the children to learn and grow in their skills and confidence!

These children have captured our hearts. We love that Courage House’s impact is being multiplied: by changing the lives of our girls, we are also changing the lives of their children. Multiple generations are being transformed, because of you – the loyal supporters of Courage. We couldn’t have established the preschool without you.

Jenny Williamson

Founder and CEO, Courage Worldwide

Your continued support allows us to change the lives of our girls and their children! Their futures are brighter because of you. If you would like to make a one time or monthly donation, it’s easy to sign up! Click the green button below or mail a check to our office at 3031 Stanford Ranch Rd. Suite 2, #339 Rocklin, CA 95765!

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