The Music Room

The Music RoomThe Music Room

“The Music Room is a creative outlet for the talents and thoughts of siblings Aimee Bellanca and Dane Johnson. Formed in 2008, the band began with little more than hopes of not embarrassing themselves at a show for friends at a Memorial Day picnic. However, fate has had other plans. In the audience that day was musician and producer Riley Armstrong, who offered them an opportunity to record some of their songs. As a result of his offer, the 10-song album “Lesser Loves (May, 2009)” was released into the world and the siblings had more of a reason to go play more shows.

After a strenuous and trying 2-month nationwide tour in the spring of 2010, The Music Room were refined into a simpler, more folk-centered band focused on telling honest stories about their doubts, struggles, and hope in a life much bigger than themselves. Compelled by their hope they have partnered with Courage Worldwide. The Music Room is an acoustic-guitar driven outfit, incorporating drums and percussion, bass, piano, accordion, mandolin, and harmonica. Led by the pure uplifting vocals of Aimee Bellanca, the band delivers melodic and memorable lyrics that discuss issues of faith, love, and God with a raw yet hopeful skepticism.

Their newest release “Live While You’re Alive” is a five-song EP recorded and produced by Brian Steckler in November of 2010. It is available online at every major music downloading site.