Daphne Phung

Daphne PhungDaphne Phung

Founder and Executive Director of California Against Slavery and a co-proponent of Proposition 35 to stop human trafficking

Daphne Phung started California Against Slavery in the Fall of 2009 with the vision that stopping this human rights abuse is the duty of every person.

Daphne loves children and is angered by injustice. To her, nothing robs a child’s innocence and future as violently as the crime of human trafficking. After watching a documentary, Daphne was devastated to learn that trafficked victims suffer further injustice through our legal system. She believes that our laws must reflect the atrocity of human trafficking and that it’s time for the American public to recognize that slavery still exists in our great nation. God uses people to change the world. And the idea of an initiative came about.

California Against Slavery partnered with Safer California Foundation to sponsor Proposition 35, a historic ballot initiative to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Passed in November 2012 with over 81.3% approval, Prop 35 is the most successful ballot initiative since Californians began the process in the 1914 election. Prop 35 is also the first initiative to pass with over 80% of the vote. With more than 10 million votes, it also represents the most votes casted for an initiative in California history.

To pay her bills, Daphne works in finance & accounting. She left her job to volunteer full time during the Prop 35 campaign. She has a BA from Reed College and an MBA from Mills College.