Ocean Liners

Ocean Liners
June 15, 2010 admin

Exactly three years ago, I first heard Don and Bridget Brewster, founders of Agape Restoration Home in Cambodia, speak of an evil so vile it’s details are rarely repeated or spoken aloud.  Sex trafficking.    When I learned this foul crime against children happens in the world I live in, my heart hurt in a way I had never experienced.  Tears seemed such an inadequate response but it was my only offering.  However, when I learned children are trafficked for sex night after night in the city I live in, I was outraged!  Paralyzing heartache and silent tears gave way to movement; a movement to build Courage House, homes for children rescued from sex trafficking around the world!

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” (Marshal Ferdinand Foch)  That is what I feel daily … “on fire” to see children rescued and then restored to be and do all God created them to.   And now an army has joined me!

The following words are from my journal this past March.  They are words I believe were whispered by God.  “The ministry, the people of Courage to Be You (C2BU), is like huge ocean liner powerfully moving across the ocean.  It is a movement.  Ocean liners move the water out of the way and replace it with its hull.  This phenomenon is a natural law called displacement. Another word for “displacing” is to “force out”.   You are taking ground, forcing things out of the way based on the weight of your belief.  You are pushing things aside in direct proportion to the weight of that belief.  The force of it is the source that  propels you and buoys you up.  You cannot sink if you are heavy in belief.

Ocean liners operate in deep water.  The ocean’s depth is limitless.  You are operating in the limitless ocean of eternity.  Besides being a movement and forcing out of the way that which is within the way of my will, you are replacing Satan’s schemes with my designs.  In the bible passage, Luke 5 Peter was astonished at the size of the catch, a catch he could not bring in alone and so will you.  The rescue of these children are my will.   Go.  Take courage.  Set the captives free”.

We are so close to opening the first Courage Houses, here in the U.S., Tanzania, Africa and India.  Daily I am overwhelmed by God’s movement among his people, fanning the flame of desire in each of us until it has reached an inferno of action!   We are united in this purpose and the bible promises “when they are united as one, speaking the same language nothing they plan will be impossible”.   We agree!  Won’t you join us?