Now Safe: A 9-Year-Old & 13-Year-Old

Now Safe: A 9-Year-Old & 13-Year-Old
April 30, 2020 cwweditor

On their journey of healing…

We are welcoming a 9-year-old and 13-year-old to Courage House!  Thank you for praying for this situation – it’s a challenge rescuing girls during a pandemic.  Our new girls are quarantining at an offsite location with a trusted staff member and will be able to go to Courage House next week to join their new sisters.

We wanted to ensure the health and safety of all of our current Courage girls who have been quarantining for the past 6 weeks. These young girls who are just children, need a safe home, education, and the resources available to them at Courage more than ever.

Photo of our staff meeting 9-year-old “Anna” for the first time

Our standard process for all potential residents of Courage House is to first meet with our social workers. Our staff have big hearts for our girls. Please unite with us and our staff in praying for these girls and their transition into the first step in changing their lives.

Photo of our staff meeting with 13-year-old “Kari”

Friends, we need help. We need you. We are at capacity at Courage House and need new beds and basic needs for our new girls. We need funding to be able to continue to pay our 21 staff (for both of our Courage Houses in Tanzania) and take care of all of our girls – now 39 girls and their children. Our staff in Tanzania would truly be destitute without their paycheck and our girls would be on the streets again without Courage House.  We also continue to resource and offer counseling to our girls in the US.

Would you consider joining us in giving our new girls hope and a new future? 


Giving Tuesday Now on May 5th (next week!) – is an international charitable event. It’s a generosity movement, empowering individuals and organizations to change our communities. Courage Worldwide has a goal of raising $25,000 this next week, and we have a $5000 match from a generous donor!  

If you’ve suffered financial losses, we understand if you can’t give at this time. Our staff and girls are praying for you, and your prayers would mean the world to them too. If you can give, thank you so much!

Next week we will share the homecoming of our new precious daughters to Courage House… stay tuned! We also have an exciting project our college girls in our transition home have been working on during quarantine, to help their community, and to help you! More to come! We can’t wait to share with you!

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