News from our Founder, Jenny Williamson

News from our Founder, Jenny Williamson
November 25, 2014 admin

We live in a world where children are sold for sex. Tragically, sex trafficking isn’t limited to faraway places but exists in our own backyards, schools, churches and communities. If you do not believe this is true then you haven’t been looking or listening. The acts that are performed against these already vulnerable individuals can only be called evil because they are incredibly inhumane. Daily, these children are raped, abused and tortured. They are held in captivity where their basic human rights and choices are withheld until compliance is achieved. They are violently beaten physically but also mentally and emotionally abused. They are told they have no value and that no one cares. They are constantly given evidence of this truth as their bodies are sold for the profit of one and the pleasure of another. They must reach their daily quota of “dates” which can total eight, ten, to twelve rapes a day if they wish to be fed.

When I learned of this atrocity against children, my heart, my mother’s heart broke and I vowed I would do something about this evil. It is what I live for and it is what I will die for. Some days the issue feels so enormous that any small act of kindness I offer or attempt to offer is like throwing a pebble into the ocean – it hardly makes a difference and no one even notices.

Nevertheless, I still fight to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. In my heart they are my daughters and my children. I do for them what I would do for the ones birthed from my body. I build them a home and call them family. I focus on the one precious life in front of me. I love them until they can love themselves. I believe in them until they can believe in themselves. I dream of their future until they can dream of one on their own.

Unfortunately, I cannot erase their horrific past or answer their gut wrenching questions of, “Why did this happen to me,” but I can walk with them through the memories and nightmares of their past into the potential of their futures. I can equip, encourage, and empower them to daily have the courage to be and do all that they were created for. I see who they are meant to be – who they were created to be.

Before time began, they were created on purpose for a purpose and it is my heart’s desire to see them be and do everything they were created for. It takes an enormous amount of courage for them to leave the known for the unknown; for them to believe in their own destiny. Loving these kids is the most difficult thing I have ever attempted in my life, but they are worth it.
2014 has been an incredible year of growth, success and recognition at Courage Worldwide. However, we have said no to over eighty, yes eighty, children who wanted to come home to Courage House due to a lack of space. Similarly, there are over one hundred children we discovered in Tanzania, Africa who need to be rescued but the sad truth is we do not have enough space there either.

Consider if it was your child, your niece, your sister who was being sold as a commodity; what lengths would you go to see them rescued and restored? I bet you would do anything. You would be shameless. You would beg friends, family, even strangers to use their influence to bring your daughter home. You would ask for their money, their car and their prayers if you thought any of them would help. You would call law enforcement and the media, pleading with them to find your daughters. Then when, or if, they were recovered, you would spend anything to see them restored. You would not contemplate or hesitate.

These children are my daughters. Therefore, as a mother I unashamedly ask for your help as this year comes to a close. Would you consider a year-end financial donation so we can build more homes and say yes to these precious children? Would you commit to praying for their healing? Would you volunteer your time to help us eliminate this evil from the planet? Would you commit to a monthly financial gift during 2015 so we can offer more services to our girls? Would you consider being a mentor or Courage Family to a young girl transitioning from Courage House? There are numerous ways you can help. We cannot do what God has called us to do alone. We don’t need you to cheer or thank us. We need you to work beside us, shoulder to shoulder determined to change the world, one individual at a time. Lives are at stake. These children need evidence of good people and a good God. They need you. I promise, you will not regret investing in their lives. Thank you for your past support and prayerful consideration of ways you can be involved in the future.

Jenny Williamson
CEO & Founder, Courage Worldwide Inc.