Melanie’s Story

Melanie’s Story
February 19, 2011 admin

I found myself in what I thought was a bad situation. There I was, traveling at 3am and a snowstorm grounded my train. It would be awhile until I could get a hotel room. One could almost laugh at the ridiculous events that can accompany traveling in the winter. Yet that night was different; it was a divine appointment. I just didn’t know it yet.

At the time, I was concerned about how cold my feet were getting. I was wearing sandals. I didn’t focus on the girl right away; I was watching the much older man attempt to have her come with him in his vehicle. She wasn’t willing, but she was cold. Her physical, practical needs outweighed her gut instincts that probably said “Run!” as loudly as mine did. He didn’t intimidate me, though. What stopped me cold was the fact that no one else around cared that a young girl was being propositioned by a john.

Muttering a few prayers under my breath, I walked into the harsh light of the street lamp and interrupted their conversation. What did I have to offer him? Nothing. What could I offer her beyond a bed in my hotel room and the promise of breakfast in the morning before I continued traveling? I could offer her hope, dignity, and a conversation about Courage House; but mostly I wanted her to be fed, warm, and loved. She ate 13 pancakes at the restaurant nearby. Most pretend she is invisible and wouldn’t dream of interrupting that earlier conversation. She constantly hears lies from the media and even people who consider themselves educated. She believes the lie that she has chosen this life, if you can even call it that. She hasn’t heard that she is loved and that she has a purpose. Melanie was safe for only a few hours. But I won’t stop believing that someone else will interrupt her life with love, dignity, and purpose.
– Elizabeth