Is This a Dream?

Is This a Dream?
December 1, 2020 cwweditor

GivingTuesday: Making Dreams a Reality

“This is the first time I’ve been treated like a human being… is this a dream?”

These are the words of “Zoe” when she came home to Courage House when she was a young teenager at 15-years-old. Zoe had been on the streets and had nothing. She had experienced unspeakable pain and trauma.

She told me once that people called her ‘evil,’ a ‘bad girl,’ and a ‘prostitute.’ She was trying to survive and had dreams for her life but didn’t think it was possible.

Until she came to Courage House.

All of our girls are precious and special, but Zoe had something that stood out when we met her nearly 4 years ago. She seemed to soak in all the love and every opportunity at  Courage House. She loved to study and would pour herself into school. She became a leader and when we established our school on campus, Zoe was voted the president.  The girls called her “Mama Africa” and as I got to know Zoe, I thought, one day this girl could be president of Tanzania.


After being at Courage House for a year, Zoe told me, “Mama, God began speaking to me and told me I am going to be the solution to the cries of my people.”

I believe it. Zoe has a special call on her life.

She is now studying to be a social worker and is in her second year of college. She is so grateful to have this opportunity.

You can hear her story in her own words. Watch this video.



Our dear supporters, your giving changes lives, like Zoe’s. We have nearly 50 girls and children we are caring for! We had a healthy baby born just 3 weeks ago to one of our 16-year-olds. Courage House has grown and our girls are thriving because of your support and prayers.

There are more girls to rescue… one by one. More girls with dreams like Zoe’s that we want to help make a reality.

Today is GivingTuesday. A day set aside each year for people to give generously to non-profits like ours. Our goal is to raise $20,000. We have a $5000 matching gift, so your giving will double! This will allow us to continue to care for our girls and say yes to more in the future.

Would you invest in changing lives like Zoe’s?

God bless you. Thank you for giving, for praying and for changing the world with us.

Stephanie Midthun
Executive Director, Courage House Tanzania

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