Four More Girls Come Home

Four More Girls Come Home
November 21, 2011 admin

“Thank you for everything; you’ve given me a home that is overflowing with love.  It is hard to accept it all sometimes, but just knowing and being able to feel its presence is so healing to my soul.  You have given me hope and drive to fulfill my purpose.  I never thought I was going to be anything and now just after one month at Courage House I have more hope than I’ve ever had in my entire lifetime.  I actually have a future thanks to you.  You filled me with something that is missing or maybe you helped me to let God now fill that missing piece; either way – thank you.  I am finally safe.  This will be my forever home if you will have me.”

These words are from a beautiful young lady who now calls Courage House home; she wrote them to me last week on my 51st birthday. However, these words don’t just belong to me; they belong to every person who believed and shared in the dream God birthed inside of me almost four years ago. This precious girl also wanted to share the following words of gratitude with you: “I want to thank everyone for my new home, my new life.” Because you believed, because you prayed and because you financially gave, she is finally safe, living in a loving home and believing she has value and a destiny. Thank you!

I could barely contain my excitement the day I went to juvenile hall to pick up another “daughter,” another princess, who would call Courage House home!  We had fought daily in prayer and in court for her to come home to Courage House. We-SHE-needed a miracle to occur in order for that to happen.  After three long months, our prayers were answered. I wish I could share all the details of the many miracles God accomplished on her behalf, but I will share her words to sum up the journey best. Our newest daughter simply said, “It’s obvious God wanted me at Courage House!” Thank you for bringing her home and being an integral part of God’s plan.

In other joyous news, our peer mentors celebrated their seventeen month anniversary at Courage House and publicly gave their testimonies at the Natalie Grant Concert and Courage Gala. Through Courage House, God has given our girls amazing “testimonies” that glorify Him, instead of the evil that perpetuates the crime of sex trafficking. Their past doesn’t define them, but their destinies will! They are already changing this world and have touched thousands of lives. Thank you for giving; thank you for bringing these young women home.

Our daughters at Courage House are called princesses.  As they daily walk the incredible journey to their true identity and destiny, we’ll be sharing their highlights with you through their princess blogs, original poems, and thoughtful writings, which are posted on our website and enews under Princess Blog.

Four lives have been changed because you believed and you gave financially to bring them home! We have more daughters who are ready to be welcomed to Courage House; however, the state of California is broke. This means, in order for us to bring more girls home to Courage House, we are going to have to take more “private placements.”  A private placement means we have to raise the money for their care, just as we did for the property, because the state or their families cannot provide the necessary funds to provide quality care for these girls. Because of the financial constraints of the state, we are seeing placement agencies (Child Protective Services and Probation at Juvenile Hall) sending “our daughters” back to unsafe homes where they continue to run. This breaks my heart! We have had six intake interviews within the last week from Reno, Nevada to San Diego, California, with moms, grand moms and desperate girls begging us to bring them home to Courage House.

My takeaway from our situation is that God intends for his people to bring these girls home for the holidays, not the government, not the state of California! Let us bring four more girls home to Courage House for Christmas!  We are asking God for a $300,000 miracle by the end of the year to accomplish all of this.  Will you help us?  Will you call them family and bring our daughters home for the holidays?

It is easy; simply click on the link below to donate.

Thank you for believing in our precious daughters. Thank you for bringing four more girls home for the holidays. Thank you for changing this world, one life at a time.

May God bless you as much as you have blessed each child.

Jenny Williamson